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A quality nerd in a DevOps world

A quality nerd in a DevOps world

There is no doubt that Jan, QA manager in Stockholm, has a lot of experience and is very passionate about his work. He has been in the IT sector since the late 80’s. Today, his role includes so much more than just monitoring processes and filling out test results.

Assures Quality from start to end

 It is necessary to constantly keep track of and develop the business different systems and solutions to improve productivity and scalability. “The job of a QA manager is to test and can be seen as the annoying person who constantly asks the questions why, how and what if in all phases of the software development lifecycle,” Jan says.

Easily explained, a QA manager is someone who tests any systematic process to check whether the product or service developed meets the requirements. A tester today is usually specialized in security, performance and automation. “We cannot always assume that users are using a system or process the way it’s supposed to. They might want to do steps with a process that ends up with a different outcome than specified from the start. Or have numbers instead of letters written in the requirements. A tester’s task is to make sure that the requested solution is working or that a fallback solution is in place for every kind of situation and to think of different scenarios that the product owner hasn't.” Jan explains.

To some extent, you might have to be somewhat pessimistic when working with testing. “You have to expect the unexpected. What happens if the data centres burn down, will a secondary safe system kick in or will the data be lost?” Jan says. Who is not at all a pessimist; instead he tries to see possibilities and ways of improvements.

In Jans case, the users are teams within the tech department (called Techsson) throughout the organisation. He and his teammates are involved from start to end, they help with outlining the requirements set by developers and project owners to make sure that everything is deployable and has a scalability to it so that a project can grow without causing any hick-ups.

It’s easy to see that Jan loves his job when talking about it, perhaps that is why he’s going to Hungary to speak at the HUSTEF (Hungarian Software Testing Forum) conference.

Knowledge sharing outside the comfort zone

“Standing on a stage and talking to people is really out of my comfort zone but I feel I have a message and insights that might help my colleagues in the industry in moving forward within their daily work,” Jan explains. When he first started doing presentations at Meetups, it was often in front of colleagues. The exhilarating feeling he got from doing it made him seek out more chances to speak about his work passion and the developments within the field. "Betsson helped me from the start by giving me the opportunity to talk at locally arranged Meetups, and also encouraged me to apply for conferences. I also got the time needed to prepare the presentations, so that it didn't conflict with my work" he says. 

His passion has taken him to Hungary, at which he will talk about ideas on how to build in quality throughout the DevOps toolchain, with a battle proven model to be used as a base for applying your own test strategies. He is well prepared for the conference and hopes that all will go well. "I have gained a lot of knowledge listening and talking to others and want to give something back to the testing society," he says. While in Hungary, he will also visit our newly opened Budapest office. Where he will attend a MeetUp to talk about his insights when working with QA.

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