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A year of accomplishments

A year of accomplishments

A new year has just started, many people take the time to evaluate the past year on both a career level as well as on a personal one. Reflection is always good since it allows yourself to determine if the past year was a successful one or not.

For many people, accomplishing career goals is something important. Big or small doesn’t matter as long as they are pursued. A suggestion is to make a list of all accomplishments, whether it was something significant like getting a pay raise or even as small as updating the resume. To see what has been achieved during the year can increase motivation. We sat down to look back at some of the accomplishments Betsson Group achieved last year. It was simply too many to list but a selection of 6, big and small, are found below:

We opened a new Tech-Hub office in Budapest.

Launched horse racing as part of Betsafes sportsbook portfolio.

Won the prestigious award for Best Customer Service at the EGR Operators Awards.

Became the first sportsbook operator to integrate the Opta 3D football visualisation product.

Had a significant presence at SiGMA, with several different speakers.

Launched our Site Academy, an internal forum for our employees to learn and develop.

As mentioned above, this is just a handful of all the things we together as a company accomplished during the year. We believe that our company culture and values bring people together, making them work towards common goals. We achieve greatness by being fun, open-minded, friendly and welcoming to one another. A unique feature of Betsson Group is the people who work here and our achievements come from everyone working together. The list above is proof that we offer our employees rewarding challenges and possibilities to improve their skillset. What would a list of your own accomplishments for the past year consist of?

It's all about people

Another thing many people want to evaluate when starting a new year is their professional growth. One example is our Betssonite Jan, who works as one of our QA Managers in Stockholm. Last year he got the chance to develop his personal growth as a public speaker. Jan had started off small by doing presentations and DevTalks at local MeetUps. It paid off, taking him all the way to Hungary and the Hungarian Software Testing Forum 2017 (HUSTEF). At the conference, he got the chance to talk about his passion for Quality Assurance in front of a couple of hundred people, he now plans to further develop his presentations skills during 2018. For Jan, it feels very encouraging and positive to have his employer backing him up. Read about his experience at HUSTEF in this blog post.

We want to inspire our employees to continuously grow and excel (!). Therefore we offer our employees’ things like career opportunities, great internal tools and multiple departments to support their professional growth. Gatis started off working in Customer Support and are now working as a Customer Marketing Manager. He has also been a marketing coordinator and a mobile manager. Gatis who lives and work in Tallinn got the possibility to relocate and work in both Riga and Malta, where he was involved in the licensing process for Latvia and with the migration to our common platform called Techsson. Gatis has been working at Betsson Group for 9 years now, and surely he has accomplished a lot over the years. When asked about it, he answers that “It doesn’t feel like I’ve been with the same company because I’ve had many different roles, making sure I never get bored.” Gatis is proof that everyone can achieve a lot by staying open-minded to new opportunities.

Staying happy and curious at work

Whatever makes you happy in your job, be aware of that and keep that in mind as a key driver as your career grows. Not everything will make you happy at work, but always keep an eye out for some components that create a happy work environment for you. That is why we always want to make sure that you get to work with smart, creative people and offer a friendly environment. Our benefits are many, and we make sure to have a lot of projects going on. Have you written down what the most important work traits and challenges are for you this year? Let us know what they are; you might fit right in with us.

Are you ready to take a new step in your career during 2018?