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Betsson Group @ Swetugg

Betsson Group @ Swetugg

Betsson Group are delighted to have been one of the sponsors of this year’s Swetugg event in Stockholm, a conference for .NET developers by .NET developers. We enjoyed two days filled with networking, learning and a range of informative sessions from around 50 speakers

Arriving on the first day, we could feel the excitement in the air waiting for the conference to begin. Author Staffan Nöteberg held the first keynote speech on the subject monotasking, which proved to be a great way to start as it inspired us to re-think the way we work and how we can all become more productive. With this in mind, we began our Swetugg journey.

During day one, we watched Tess Ferrnandez debug problems in .NET, Emil Cardell speak about containers and mircroservices, and got a crash course in Angular2 (or should I say Angular?) by Chris Klug.

One of the highlights though was Tobbe Gyllebring who had us all captured during his session; “Say what now? – Why language matters matters”, teaching both developers and non-developers the importance of a common domain language. After a long day of learning and a lot of coffee consumed, we went on to a fun evening of networking.

During day two we attended sessions in the areas of .NET core, UX/UI and security where we got an interesting insight into penetration testing and the art of hacking, through Fabio Viggiano’s “You hold the keys to the kingdom – Developers under attack”. An intriguing demo-based hacking session, showing us just how valuable a developer can be from an attacker’s perspective.

From the many sessions to choose from to great food and even better cinnamon buns, we really enjoyed our time and hope you did too! 

We’d love to hear what you thought of the event, so get in touch. 
Twitter: @tora_adamsson / LinkedIn: Tora Adamsson