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Betssonites bond beyond the office

Betssonites bond beyond the office

What connects the snowy slopes of Estonia with a winding race track in Hungary and topspins in an arena in Sweden? Read on to find out.

Tallinn: Snow and sauna

In Estonia, winter can be harsh because of the cold and the darkness. The more snow there is the better, as it brightens the days, but it also means that it is even colder. None the less, Betssonites from the Tallinn office enjoy a winter sports day together once a year.

“This kind of event gives a great boost to the energy level, which tends to get low during the long winter months,” Kaidi Nigulas, HR-manager in the Baltic region says.

“This year we went snowboarding and down-hill skiing and ended the event with a warm sauna and dinner together. Last year we kick sledge hiked and did some ice skating on a frozen lake in the middle of the forest. Of course, a hot sauna was on the schedule then as well”.

“We are proud of our beautiful untouched nature, so it’s an additional bonus to get to enjoy its beauty in winter. Plus, it’s good for our health,” Kaidi says.

Kaidi explains that the Betssonites in the Tallinn office enjoy the outing because they get to experience something new, but even more importantly they get to have fun and get out of the office routine together as a team.

“I love to see how our people get excited when we’re planning something like this. It’s of great value to get to know your colleagues in different situations. Some people only truly open up thanks to such events. It does wonders for people’s mood and lifts the team spirit in the office,” Kaidi says.

Budapest: Race your heart out

People living in Budapest are lucky enough to have a wide range of go-carting tracks to choose from. The Betssonites in the Betsson Hungary office are determined to try them all.

It all started when the Sportsbook section organised a go-carting event and invited the new joiners in the office to come along. Since then, more and more people have tagged along and at the last outing, 15 people were zooming around the track.

“Some are more experienced drivers and others have just started,” Zoltan Kerekes, who works in the frontend team says.

“We do compete against each other, but it’s not just about the race, it’s mostly about having fun,”

Zoltan says he enjoys seeing people talking to each other in the office after a go-carting event has taken place, sharing experiences from the race.

“The only feedback I have ever received is ‘When’s the next event?‘,” Zoltan says.

That has got to be considered good marks!


Stockholm: Topspins and sky ball serves

Volleyball is not a sport that a lot of people get to play very often. But in the Stockholm office, a group of Betssonites meet up bi-weekly to play. The initiative came from HR-recruiter Lena Matviichuk, who herself has played volleyball for many years.

“It’s super fun to actually do some sports, you feel rejuvenated. Hanging out with colleagues with whom you don’t work on an everyday basis is the best part,” says Prashant Singh, who is one of the regular participants.

The invitation is open to anyone in the office and some 10-12 people usually join, making it possible to play with full teams. Some have never played before and some are more experienced.

“I believe that it is a good opportunity to work together to achieve a common goal, ie winning the game, but also do some teambuilding,” says Dimitris Fragkoulis 

“It’s great with an activity where people from different teams come together. It’s not just the playing time, but the trip there and fixing the nets etc. That gives room for a lot of interaction,” says John Rana,

 “We also play because it releases stress and takes your mind off work for a while. You spend a lot of time at the office, so hanging out with your colleagues in a different setting is great!” Lena concludes.