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Collaboration between theory and work

Collaboration between theory and work

Ever wondered how to combine a passion for sports and fitness with studies? Joel and Tobias solved this by doing their Master Thesis in collaboration with Betsson Group. By doing so they got to do what they love, and learn how the work at a big company is carried out.

Joel and Tobias are both Master students in IT Engineering at Uppsala University; they are doing their 20-week long Thesis project at Betsson Group. Wanting to combine these they started looking for companies that could help them succeed in doing so. It didn’t take them long before they found us, and we are happy to have them here.

“After some research about the company we were hooked on the thought of doing a project together,” Joel explains.

So they started off by sending in an open application with fingers crossed, hoping it would get picked up which it did.

The Master duo are creating an application used for health and fitness activities during the yearly Betsson Group Training Challenge, a competition for Betssonites to engage in some friendly rewarding health activities.

For Joel and Tobias, the project offers a perfect chance to find a collaboration between theory and work.

“We are to deliver two things. The application requested by Betsson and then a report that we deliver to the university. So we need to be alert on making sure not to focus on the application along, but also think ahead and explain in theory why we are doing this. It’s challenging, and we like it” Tobias says.

 Their Mentor Konstantinos, who works as a Team Lead is delighted with the project, which is in its sixth week now.

“It was a requirement from our side that they worked with bi-weekly sprints and frameworks they haven’t worked with before. That is the way we work, and we wanted Joel and Tobias to do the same” Konstantinos says and continue, “so far they are on the project with a lot of energy, and they are learning fast” he says.

Joel and Tobias have a sturdy mentor in Konstantinos; they also involve other developers in the sprint planning for further input, pushing the boundaries even further to maximise the learning process.  “We are pleased with ending up at Betsson,” both concludes. “Everyone has been helpful from the start, and we are looking forward seeing the final application”.