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Do a job shadowing with your colleagues!

Do a job shadowing with your colleagues!

When working in a big organisation, it might sometimes feel cut off from what your colleagues are doing, especially when you are not working in the same department.

Dipesh, working as a developer in one of the Tech teams in Stockholm wanted to stir things up a bit by doing a job shadowing, which is a great way to get a snapshot of a day in the life of a colleague.

Dipesh found a match with Annelie, with Finance for Betsson AB. This was, in fact, a perfect fit since they both work with entirely different things than the other on a daily basis. Also, both have been with Betsson a long time and wanted to learn more about the work of the others.

They both decided on two different days for conducting the shadowing. Annelie spent the day learning more about Dipesh’s team and how the Tech department is organised in Stockholm. She got the chance to see how the different frameworks are used, how some databases worked and talked a lot to other teams about their functions. For her, it was useful seeing it a bit more hands-on rather than discussing it over a cup of coffee.

“What impressed me the most is the amount of data we have, and how the teams can monitor performance, server and connectivity issues. You get to understand the products in a more detailed way,” Annelie says and continues, “It became clearer how every team fits together and who does what, instead of viewing each team as separate entities”.

For Dipesh, who works with the Tech side of the company, it was an uplifting opportunity to get to see another side of the business that is not made up of code. “It was an eye-opener to see that what I do accumulates into profit, then how that distributed among the organisation's different parts, “he says and continues, “My favourite part was to learn more about accounting, having a bit of an understanding beforehand made it even more fun seeing a professional work with it,” Dipesh concludes.

Both of them got a better understanding how the two of them are connected within the business, even though they are working in different departments. It also gave them a better understanding what kind of everyday interactions and work components needed to effectively perform the job that the other might never think to mention during that coffee discussion.