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Great people know great people

Great people know great people

Betssonites want their friends to become Betssonites too. We couldn’t be happier.

“I referred Michele because I think Betsson is a great place to work when you want to grow and learn new things,” Customer Service Agent Joscelyn Sims says.

Joscelyn Sims and Michele Stefanelli met a couple of years ago when they worked for the same company. They became friends and often play football together or just hang out. 

Joscelyn started working for Betsson and since he knew Michele would be a good fit for the Betssonite culture and had the experience and competence needed, Joscelyn recommended Michele for a job as a Customer Service agent through the refer a friend scheme.

“Great people know great people,” says Head of Talent Acquisition Jane Dodgson.

“What better review could we as a company get than to have our employees refer their friends?” she asks rhetorically.

“We are very proud to have so many Betssonites want their friends to join us. It shows that they are happy working with us and want to share their experience with people they know.”

The refer a friend policy rewards a successful referral as a thank you. Joscelyn and Michele used part of Jocelyn’s award to celebrate that Michele got hired. Like friends do.

Trust in the employee
As a Customer Service agent you come into contact with many different areas within igaming; from product knowledge and technical issues to local regulation and responsible gaming, Michele and Joscelyn explain. There is always someone to ask, and it is a great way to learn a lot about many different subjects.

“There is not a lot of micromanagement and very little hierarchy within the Customer Services department. We sometimes deal with sensitive issues and it is very important to do it right, but I feel we are trusted,” Joscelyn states and continues:

Michele and Joscelyn both think that Betsson offers a lot of possibilities.

“I think the best thing about Betsson is that you can learn from others and grow professionally. I like to understand how the overall operations work and for that, there is always knowledgeable colleagues in other departments to ask,” Michele says.

“On top of that, the culture at Betsson is great so it’s not just work, work, work. There is also a social side of things where you get to bond with your colleagues, for example our upcoming summer party. It never gets boring here,” they say.

“Betsson should definitely be everybody’s Employer of Choice,” Joscelyn states.

Michele agrees. In fact, he in his turn has referred another friend to work within the Betsson Group brand Racebets. And so it continues. Great people know great people.