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Hackathon @ Betsson

Hackathon @ Betsson

It’s been an intense Hackathon week this week at Betsson! 14 Betssonites from 9 nationalities travelled from Malta and Kiev to join their Stockholm colleagues in developing 3 ideas in 3 days.

The ideas were as diverse as the participants who came up with them -  from virtual reality to making online sports betting more socially interactive, to using intelligent, data-driven widgets.


On day 3 the teams demoed their ideas for the rest of the office over ‘fika’ – cinnamon buns and coffee. Joining live from Malta were also CTO Stefan Nordin and CCO Jesper Svensson who gave their perspective on the ideas. The amount of work and depth of thought that had gone into developing the ideas was impressive. So was the number of factors the teams had taken into account: business viability, security as well as user experience.


Still, we had to pick a winner. We chose the team which had created an opportunity for a betting experience within a social context, using game progression, rewards and entitlements.


The winning team said: “Every aspect of the business in Malta gave us a presentation on what they do – this was illuminating and helped us tremendously in understanding the bigger context we are part of. In the process, we got the amazing opportunity to work on an innovative and fun idea in a cross-functional, multinational team”.


This Hackathon is part of Tech On – one of the Elevation programs at Betsson. TechOn included sessions whose purpose was to develop the participants’ knowledge of Betsson´s organisation and business. The Program also included workshops and company visits to London and finally 2 hackathons in Stockholm and Malta. Who knows what exciting business projects the ideas, developed in this process, can bring us to