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Hot Jobs: CRM Solutions Specialist

Hot Jobs: CRM Solutions Specialist

We’re taking a closer look at one of our most challenging roles!

In our Central CRM team we are focused on providing a more scalable, simpler and more valuable service to our clients, the brands and regions, whilst also placing the customer at the heart of everything we do.  A critical part of that is our CRM Solution Team, which develops custom solutions to enable best in class automated and campaign driven customer communications.  In Betsson Group we strive to be data-led in everything we do, and these analytics enable complete measurement and insight driven decision making.

We talked to Tasha, our CRM Solutions Manager, to find out more about what’s so great about doing this job!

“We have a team here which is really full of energy (some might say a bit mad…).  It’s really important for us that the person enjoys working in a team and interacting with others.  We are 7 people in our team and they all have a lot of experience – it’s great to have people around us who we can learn from.”

“What really makes the role interesting is that it’s not just about pure programming; the person will need to learn a lot about the technical aspects, but also the business side of things. You will need to interact with stakeholders and collect requirements.  What’s really great is that you ultimately get to see the outcome of the work you put in.”

So what makes Tasha’s ideal candidate for this position?

“The ideal person for us is a CRM Solutions Developer, with experience in Microsoft Dynamics CRM and/or Salesforce development.  However, as long as you are ready to learn new things, we are also interested in candidates experienced in software development including languages such as SQL, Javascript (preferably in conjunction with NodeJS), HTML, CSS, Java and C#.”

If you are interested in learning more, you can feel free to contact Annica from our Recruitment team for an informal chat, or have a look at our available roles: 

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