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Make a mark

Make a mark

HR Manager Balazs Szabo is bursting with energy. He is a man on a mission: He gets to be there from the beginning as Betsson Group sets up a whole new office in the Hungarian capital of Budapest.

“This is the perfect opportunity for people who want to add value and influence their place of work,” he says.

It is easy to see why he is so excited. The opening of the Betsson Budapest office is in many ways a greenfield project, but with a special perk.

 “We have the benefit of having a large and successful company to rely on, at the same time as we get to define how we do things here, locally,” Balazs explains.

“Betsson is not a start-up. If you work for us, you know that we will be around for years to come. We’re a stable, successful company and we’re growing.”

“At the same time, we are very much local and personal. Me for example, I’m Hungarian, so you will be able to discuss HR matters with me here on site, in Hungarian, if you so wish,” Balazs says.

We aim high

The new Betsson office is situated in the historical building Gizella Malom. Once a mill, now well on its way to becoming a functional workplace for Betssonites. The refurbishment, however, is done with tact to keep the particular atmosphere of this place.

“I love the way the new meets the old. It creates a very dynamic and creative workspace”, Balazs says and pats the brick wall behind him.

“We want our employees to feel comfortable and this is, indeed, a very pleasant place to work at the same time as it is modern and practical.”

The mill was built in the 1880s, and in its time it produced meals and flours of outstanding quality at facilities ranked first in Europe.

“I don’t want to drive the metaphor too far, but it is no secret that two of the Betsson values are ‘We aim high’ and ‘Execution is everything’. Like the mill in its day, we believe in top quality and outstanding delivery,” Balazs concludes.

Visible results

Most companies these days have a number of benefits for their employees and Betsson is no exception. In addition to competitive salaries, Balazs lists health insurance, gym subsidies and competence development as a few examples.

“And of course we have the complimentary breakfast and after work drinks and fresh fruit every day. But our bread and beer and bananas are probably no better than anybody else’s. What’s unique here is this opportunity to shape your work and make a difference together with other smart people.”

He goes on to explain how, at Betsson in Hungary, you will be able to see that the job you do has a direct impact on the outcome and feel that you add value to the business.

“I think most people want to have a reason to go to work, make a difference and see the results of their efforts,” Balazs says.

It will not just be a question of maintaining, but rather of creating and coming up with new and fresh ideas.

“You need to be up for the challenge, willing to take some risks and push the boundaries,” Balazs states.

Grow with Betsson

The Betsson Office in Gizella Malom is situated close to the river Danube, in the dynamic Pest district. The 50 m high Eastern tower of the building can be seen from around the city.

Balazs describes how Budapest is a key location for Betsson. In two or three years’ time this will be a development centre with as many as 120 developers, he says, making it one of the biggest tech locations within Betsson Group.

“Since the Budapest office is new and destined to grow, there will be ample opportunities for those who are willing and able.”

The internal career opportunities will be plentiful as more teams are added, for example, you could be a team leader or change teams, Balazs explains. And of course, there are always opportunities within Betsson in other locations as well.

“With the opening of the Budapest office, you have the opportunity to be there from the start. Initially, it will be a smaller office. Together we will define ways of working and you will be able to grow as the office grows,” Balazs says.

Igaming is on a roll

“The gaming market is super interesting for anyone to join. There’s a lot happening, things are moving fast and it is constantly growing,” Balazs states.

Online gaming is still only 12-14% of the total gaming market. The industry, and Betsson with it, is in a phase of structural tailwinds and will be for quite a few years to come as offline gambling migrates to online.

“Within the gaming industry, Betsson Group is a substantial company with more than 50 years of experience. The future is looking bright,” Balazs says. 

At Betsson Group we’re around 2000 people from 48 different nationalities in 12 locations across Europe. The Group holds gaming licenses in eleven jurisdictions.

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