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Project managing health promotion

Project managing health promotion

Anna Maria has been projecting managing the Groups workplace health promotion called Betsson Group Training challenge for 3 years now, and she loves it! But why do we engage in such an initiative?

She has been with Betsson since 2014, starting in Malta and then relocated back to Sweden in May 2016. For her, Betsson has become more than just a job. “It has grown to like a second home where I get to surround me with amazing and highly skilled people”, she says.


Why a training challenge?

Anna Maria has been working with the Training challenge for the past 3 years, but the project goes way back to 2011. “The project has grown each year, but worthwhile to mention is that this is just one of several initiatives that we have for/when promoting a healthy and a better balance lifestyle. It is well known that exercise boosts your mood, energy levels and increases your productivity”. Anna Maria says.

“ I know that many locations have their initiatives such as massage, health coaching, yoga, volleyball and soccer but the Training Challenge, however, is the only global initiative that engages people from all locations at the same time, more in the spirit of our value One Betsson,” she says.

Source of inspiration and story sharing

 “I love the fact that you can feel the energy building up already at the beginning of the year, people who have been around for a while knows what is coming. The vibe in the offices is hyped, and people are excited when it starts. Most people are very positive about the concept and really appreciate it, which is exactly what we are aiming for.” Over the years, Anna Maria has become more like an Ambassador for the Training Challenge, and people often approach her sharing their positive experience from having participated in the Challenge.

“It is my understanding that the Training Challenge has impacted many people, regarding, eg. it kick-started their exercise regime, or it made them more health conscious. I feel it’s a little win every time someone shares a story like that with me.” She says and concludes that there is something to gain for everyone from the training challenge, whether it’s about starting a new workout routine or getting an extra boost of motivation. 

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