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Show your colours nominated for prestigious award

Show your colours nominated for prestigious award's campaign is nominated for Sweden’s oldest and largest advertising- and communication award Guldägget (“The golden egg”). We sat down with Raúl, the brains behind the campaign, for a quick chat about the campaign and the nomination.

“It’s great that we are nominated for the award. It shows that we as a company can think different, in an otherwise crowded and traditional market”, says Raúl.

The campaign targeted supporter clubs for the highest Swedish football league (Allsvenskan) and differed from any other kind of traditional marketing. Instead of focusing on TV or radio, the campaign aimed to raise engagement and create a buzz among supporters and anyone else interested in football by using interactive digital billboard units.

Raúl based the campaign on the fact that supporters often express their loyalty to a club by wearing colours representative for each club.  “I came up with a plan to use the billboards that are often found in shopping streets all over Stockholm, and to use them in an innovative way”, he says.

“We wanted to engage the audience in a way that didn’t result in any kind of littering or damaging of streets and buildings, and also find a way to express and make use of our tagline “anytime is playtime”. So together with our digital production agency Isobar, we developed a way for the audience to interact with the billboards”, Raúl continues.

Each billboard could be taken over to show the specific colour of your favourite football team in Allsvenskan. The goal was to have as many takeovers of billboards as possible. The grand prize was a collective one. Depending on how many signs you as a user took over, you would get an amount to bet risk-free at On top of that, the supporter club of the team with the most takeovers got 30,000 SEK for a big TIFO, a composition displayed by fans in the stands of an arena in connection with a sporting event.

The activity was massive Raúl says, “we had roughly 2 500 takeovers and around 3 500 interactions with the billboards”.

Raúl hopes to see the concept in other locations, it would fit perfectly in any city that has rivalling sports clubs with passionate fans.