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The Betsafe True Player Challenge awarded at the ESA excellence awards

The Betsafe True Player Challenge awarded at the ESA excellence awards

The ESA excellence awards recognise merits within the sponsorship industry across Europe. At this year’s awards, Betsafe took home the award for best use of social media with their campaign work together with Manchester City.

Johann, one of the Betssonites working on campaigns such as these over in the UK, says that “It is a best-in-class activation campaign that the Betsafe social, sponsorship and marketing teams - and indeed the entire Betsson Group – can be extremely proud of. We are delighted the European Sponsorship Industry has recognised it”.

This is indeed something to be proud of. Betsafe was 1 of 20 gambling brands who were partnered with a Premier League club during the 16/17 season and competing against a variety of principle club deals and significant TV & media campaigns. The campaign was therefore created with the approach to be strategic and innovative to stand out from the crowd, with the help of Betsafe’s UK sponsorship agency, Fuse.

One of the primary goals was to maximise the use of social media to drive direct commercial return since they had a smaller budget than their competitors they needed to think smart “In post-production, we used over thousand hours of audience viewership data to create socially optimised video”, Johann says. This method paid off! The three pieces of content generated an astonishing 25,500,000 impressions, 7,600,000 views and 226,000 engagements.

The campaign also aimed to increase brand awareness amongst Manchester City Fans and broader sporting audiences. They found that social media is a cost-effective tool and platform for this. Looking at the results, it’s clear that this campaign can be used as a textbook example on how to successfully leverage sponsorship of a global asset in an extremely crowded marketplace. “We were innovative with our content and very focused on our distribution channels, ensuring we had strong relevance and engagement across the entire campaign”, Johann ends.  

Did you miss the videos? No problem, we gathered them below for you to watch over and over again. The team orchestrating everything faced various challenges including turning a stadium concourse area and football pitch into three dedicated film sets. Well, it’s rather clear that they succeeded.


Manchester City - Football Tennis

Manchester City & Freekickerz -(Amercian) Football

Manchester City cs Freekickerz - Football Darts Challenge