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The Employer of Choice for the Passionate Millennial

The Employer of Choice for the Passionate Millennial

At Betsson, 75% of us are Millennials. A simple Google search will generate numerous articles defining this age group, many of them in negative terms. Needless to say, at Betsson we strongly disagree.

At the conference ‘600 Minutes of Leadership and HR’ Lena Nordin, Chief HR Officer, talked about how to hire and retain Millennials. First of all, Lena states, you can’t group that many people into one cluster and think that you have them all figured out.

“They may have things in common, but they are first and foremost individuals,” she says.

At Betsson we have 55 different nationalities and over 1600 employees, not one of them completely like the other.

“Don’t buy into the myth of reducing a whole generation into a few catch phrases, Lena says and continues:

“Older generations have always tried to define younger ones, and what is interesting is that the definition changes over time. It evolves as we do.”

Millennials have been called “the neglected middle child” and “the forgotten generation”, usually along with demeaning characteristics such as lazy and narcissistic.

“Like so many other things, this lies in the eye of the beholder,” Lena Nordin states. “What we see at Betsson, is a whole other thing.”

In our view, Millennials are just as hard working as older generations. The difference is that for Millennials it seems even more important to have a job they are passionate about and enjoy doing.

“We are lucky to be able to provide that kind of environment at Betsson, where we truly love what we do,” Lena says.

Motivated by understanding the bigger picture, Millennials want to understand how their work contributes. One way we accommodate this at Betsson is by having regular companywide meetings where managers explain what’s happening on all levels and everybody is encouraged to ask questions.

Then again, this desire does not just apply to Millennials.

“All of us like to be included, feel valued and appreciated and have a sense that what we do matter,” Lena states.

A person is more than just part of an age group. At Betsson, we see our employees as the individuals that they are, each with their own set of values and driving forces

“We are committed to providing the best Employee Experience possible,” Lena explains. “That means that we constantly evaluate and develop our ways of working and our benefits, together with our employees.”

“At the end of the day, it is your personal experience that matters,” she states. “From the first time you ever heard of Betsson, throughout the recruitment and onboarding process, for as long as you stay with us.”

Lena’s goal is clear:

“We want to be the Employer of Choice and top of mind, for each and every one of our talented employees and for those we hope to hire in the future.”

Millennials or not millennials.