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To grow with a company

To grow with a company

Jimi Tähtinen has been with Betsson Group for ten years. From his early days as a developer with the bingo team, to his current position as a Team Lead in the advanced Techsson Cobra DevOps crew. What has his journey with Betsson brought him? Read on to find out.

It was back in 2008 that Jimi first started at Betsson as a developer in the bingo team, based in Stockholm. Ever since the very first interview, he has liked the atmosphere in the company.

“People here are positive and passionate and want to get things done. That combined with the fact that gaming is a fast paced industry where there are always new projects and new challenges is very motivating,” he says.

“I started as a full-stack developer, working on our bingo product on the Betsson brand. I did both backend development, integration with the supplier of the bingo product and the interface towards the customers,” Jimi explains.

As time went by, the scope of the team was expanded and Jimi worked on whatever product needed support at the moment. Around 2010, when he had just finished a project building Betsson’s first scratch card product, site teams were formed to continue work on the frontend. Jimi chose to work with customer facing development of

Communication is key

After a couple of years, Jimi transitioned to working with mobile and native apps.

“It was a bit different from what I had done previously and I got to use another programming language; Java. Before I had been working with .net, C# and Microsoft technology,” he says.

The mobile and app team grew, both in Stockholm and in Malta.

“We had a distributed approach so it was crucial to have an open communication and be available. Sometimes we went to Malta and vice versa, and naturally there were a lot of Skype meetings. It was fun and interesting,” Jimi says.

The team was multi-cultural with Swedes, Maltese, Spanish, Italians and Serbian, among other nationalities.

“We were on the same level technically despite our different backgrounds, so it worked very well,” Jimi says and explains that it was around this time that he started as a Local Team manager.

As the company decided to focus on a single, shared technical frontend platform called OBG, native apps became less prominent. Jimi moved over to work with the backend platform, Techsson, instead, this time as a back-end developer and People manager.

“My journey within Betsson is closely connected with how the company has evolved. The structure and the technology have changed and I have come along for the ride,” he says.

“I like challenges and to be able to grow, develop and learn new things so for me it has been prefect. I have also been fortunate to have managers who were willing to give me new possibilities and challenges.”

A leader is an enabler

Jimi carried on as a Team Lead within the new setting.

“I found leadership and being a people manager an interesting part of the job. It is very stimulating to work with people in that capacity, and to challenge myself to do a good job in that respect as well,” he says.

Jimi feels he has an advantage since he comes from a technical background and understands the issues.

“At the same time, it is not my aim to tell the team how to solve a problem. My job is to give them the freedom they need to be creative and find the solution. Just because I have a technical background, that doesn’t mean I have the best answer,” he states.

To Jimi, being a leader is about being an enabler.

“My role is to make sure that the team has the best conditions to do the job. It’s a lot about aligning with other teams and making sure that we get the support we need to be able to move forward,” he states.