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What’s it really like to work in our Award-Winning Customer Service team?

What’s it really like to work in our Award-Winning Customer Service team?

Tiia, one of our Betsson & CasinoEuro Agents from Finland, describes her life in our Malta team!

“Before I came to work for Betsson Group, I was studying and working in Finland.  I studied accounting and did an exchange year in China – you could say this was when I was bitten by the travelling bug!   After this, I did gap years in Switzerland and Sweden.  So how did I end up in Malta?  I guess the universe decided for me!  I found a euro coin with the Maltese cross on it and thought – why not?

“Betsson Group was one of the few companies I knew of in Malta and the only one listed on the Swedish Stock Exchange. As I had previously worked in Sweden I knew that meant an established and safe company to work for. When I came for my interview I thought “Wow! People here seem to have a lot of fun. Everyone is enthusiastic and inspiring.” 

It’s great when first impressions turn out to be true, isn’t it? Five months into my job, I know our company is a really inspiring place to work. It’s been incredible to meet people from so many different nationalities, to hear how they came to be in Malta; and to work alongside them in customer service and see how we all contribute to a better work environment and a better customer experience. We do this by responding to chats, emails and phone calls from our customers, relating to their accounts. Each one of us solves any issues our customers have as fast as we can. We are the single point of contact between the business and our customers, so if they have a problem then we need to contact the right person in the business and find a solution. Things get busy sometimes but we as a team have a good way of splitting tasks within the team and multitasking. It helps that we do this in a beautiful environment - our office is new, stylish and clean. 

“Living in Malta is a great experience. I have met some really cool people including my roommate, whom I met on my first week on the job. It's easy to make friends because people are in a new environment and open-minded. I would encourage people to come to work here at Betsson Group – it’s an awesome opportunity to experience an international company, working with really cool people.  And I know I’ll progress in my career here too.”