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Why diversity and Tech goes great together

Why diversity and Tech goes great together

At the beginning of March, a group of excited female Betssonites set out to participate in the Women in Tech Conference held in Stockholm. Although the focus of the conference was not on a technical only level, with a deep-dive into the code, it offered some very inspirational and thought-provoking discussions.

One occurring theme throughout the conference was the need for diversity and how a workplace which is inclusive both for women and men of any age is always beneficial. Panel discussions brought up the issues of attracting, and most of all retaining women in technical roles.

The conference was divided into two parts; first half offered presentations and talks from women representing big companies. Tora, one of our recruiters in Stockholm, had positive things to say about the conference, “I liked the fact that they had a great balance between tech and workplace strategies so that it attracted a broader audience instead of a niched one”, she says.

Take note that the conference still had niched target groups, which became clearer during the second half. The breakout sessions offered a lot of topics. Lena, who attended a session about robotics said; “It was such a good talk by the incredible Danica Kragic, who is researching robotics at KTH. She spoke about the changes that robots will bring into society and our everyday life. I also love the fact that she encouraged all talented women interested in robotics to join her team on the journey.”

Lena points out that the sessions had a niched topic, but the level of difficulty was well balanced.

“Coming from an HR background instead of a developer background, it was nice to find out that a person with just a brief technical understanding could listen in and understand it,” she says.

To conclude the conference, it offered highs and lows regarding diversity and tech. Our Betssonites got the chance to learn more about how we as a company can work smarter and more efficient in both areas. We at Betsson Group are always looking how we can create a great diverse workplace, no matter what gender, race, religion, culture and language you belong to and speak. We recruit and promote the best. For instance, we are proud to say that we now have around 53 different nationalities working for us and would like to improve the percentage of women working for us. Currently set to approximately 30% globally, we continuously aim to increase that number.

Psst! If you missed the conference, you can find the talks here.