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Automation Tester, Tallinn

“A good tester needs to be curious and attentive to details. It’s important to think like the customer, put yourself in his or her shoes and try to imagine how they would react.”

If you start from your own technical perspective it won’t work, you’ll be biased. You have to analyse both the requirements and the product.

The best thing here at Betsson is the people. Since I joined I have worked on several projects and met many different people. Everybody’s just wonderful, they are smart and competent, but also very friendly and always ready to help.”

One very important thing here is communication skills. Betsson is a big company – the biggest I’ve ever worked for – with different people and teams being responsible for different things. So you need to talk to people a lot to get it right.

Outside of work I have two main passions: music and photography. I mostly enjoy nature photography: landscapes and all kinds of living things, from plants and fungi to animals, but I also like to take pictures of people and architecture. I started years ago with just my cell phone but then I bought a good camera and got even more into it. I never went to music school. When I was 16 years old, I just picked up a guitar and learned how to play. Since then I have also taught myself how to play the trumpet and the piano. I probably don’t have the best technique, I just play regardless of my skills and put as much emotion into the music as I can.