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Developer and Culture Engineer, Stockholm

“We really take care of our people and treat them like the stars that they are.”

I joined Betsson in 2012 as a front-end developer. What attracted me was the work culture that Betsson promised - relaxed, yet challenging. It’s challenging in that the technical issues we work to solve are interesting and require real effort. So, the day-to-day experience needs to be fun. Here people are friendly and offer their help, regardless of how big their title is. This is what we mean when we say we are ‘One Betsson’ – that there are no lines on the organisation chart.

My official title is Developer and Culture Engineer which describes perfectly the idea that working culture is not something that ‘just happens’ but something that, if it’s going to be any good, needs to be worked on.   

Working to improve upon the very same culture that attracted me to the company involves various ideas and initiatives: making jokes during presentations so people know we can still have fun; having Friday drinks when we relax and have a good time. We really take care of our people and treat them like the stars that they are.

Externally, I am part of various groups, including demoscene groups like Fairlight, where I get to meet great programmers and attract them to Betsson.I feel extremely happy doing this and calling myself a Betsson ambassador because what we say to people to attract them is how we treat them when they join us.