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Samuel Tabbo, Senior Product Owner

Samuel has been working with Betsson for two years. This musical Italian studied in Rome, and after graduation moved to Malta and later lived in the UK. At last, he returned to start at Betsson.

Home sweet home

When I was a kid I wanted to be a musician, and I kind of became one. But it never turned out to be an actual job for me. I have a degree in Engineering in Computer Science and graduated with full marks in Rome at Sapienza. Before I started here at Betsson I was a Product Owner at another company in the UK. Prior to my job in the UK I had lived in Malta, and decided to come back and join Betsson. I’ve now been working here for almost two years.

Working as a Product Owner

My job is to discuss and evaluate from a Product strategic point of view all the potential new business initiatives that can be delivered to our customers, to clarify and challenge the business requirements and agree on the best way to deliver these initiatives and prioritize them according to their Product value, by trying to maximize the business value by influencing the KPIs, and minimize the effort to deliver them, and eventually plan against all the other initiatives and according to the whole context made of technological, compliance, time and resources dependencies and limitations, to make sure they are actually delivered to our end users.

Bigger challenges

Betsson is one of the most challenging environments I’ve ever been worked in, with a lot of smaller and bigger challenges and very talented people to go through these challenges. Did I mention that it’s challenging? In my opinion, the best part of my job, in particular, is being part of the decision making process and influence it, and go through the entire process from the actual idea until the final product or feature and see it live and available for our customers.

Lots of success and lots of mistakes

When I joined Betsson, I was expecting a more static and structured company, but instead, I pleasantly found out that it is instead a fluid one where people are way more important than the structure built around them. During my two years in Betsson I’ve had the possibility to work with very talented people, face a lot of challenges, achieve a lot of results and make a lot of mistakes. And that helped me out a lot to grow up in my role in particular and as a person in general.

My best Betsson memory

In Betsson a lot of things happen all the time, and there are many outstanding moments for which we should be proud of. But if I have to be honest, the most memorable one for me was when after a company party I ended up fixing the exhaust of a Fiat Panda with a parasol tube.