Innovative Technology


The Tech department builds and maintains all our sites, about 25 of them, as well as our native mobile apps. We also develop the platforms that support the sites, such as payment systems and the infrastructure platform. We are also responsible for internal IT and technical security.



The Tech department has around 500 people working together from several different locations. Everyone works across teams and we encourage our people to try out new things, that way we keep learning from each other.

Product development

Product development works with ideas from the commercial teams and turns them into products, like for example our sportsbook, casino products and payment systems. This part of the department consists of front and back-end developers, QA engineers, testers, and DevOps engineers.


We also have the infrastructure department that works a lot with technical operations. This team manages our production environment, like for example our data centre, servers and networks. Under infrastructure, we also have an internal IT department that works with our office network.

Service & Network Operations

2 important teams are the service management team, whos most significant responsibility is to prevent, analyse and follow up technical incidents. The other is our Network operations centre, NOC. This team are monitoring our production systems around the clock.



The challenge of working with high load systems, and the possibility to grow and influence your professional life, make Betsson Group the place to be for Attila Papp.