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High-load high-tech

High-load high-tech

The yellow, lime covered brick walls of the new Betsson office in Budapest give it an almost factory like look. In fact, the Gizella Malom building that hosts the offices was once a busy mill. Built in 1880 it miraculously survived the bombings of World War II. The outside doesn’t reflect the inside, though. The purpose of the new Betsson Office in Budapest is in no way manufacturing. On the contrary, within these walls state of the art high-tech development will take place.

Work with the best of the best

Joakim Eriksson is Development Center Manager for Betsson in Hungary. The new Betsson office in Budapest is just finished. The old mill is has been refurbished into a modern workplace to fit the needs of this growing company.

“The renovation was successful, and now we are on the lookout of hiring more people. In a few months’ time this office will be fully equipped and be bulging with people,” he says.

Joakim tilts his head in thought as he leans on the rough brick wall behind him. Hiring the right people is not an obvious task. Not when you’re keen to get it right.

“The core of Betsson Group is that we have great people. You need to be both smart and driven if you’re to work with our distributed high-load systems,” Joakim states.

“So what we are looking for when it comes right down to it, is talent and the right attitude. Really good developers that have a passion for new technologies and are interested in transaction intensive systems and scalability,” he says.

The fact that Betsson has such experienced employees is a great advantage since it means that there is always something to be learned from your colleagues. But it’s not enough just to be able to write the best performing code. Oh, no.

“All the while our people have to keep the end goal in mind -  building a product with the aim of giving the best customer experience in the industry.”

There’s that tilt of the head again as Joakim ponders the challenge. Can he find the right people? Find developers who can put themselves in the place of the customer? That is able to think outside the box and take the customer experience to the next level? One of the Betsson values is “We aim high”, and as appealing as that sounds, it is also a challenge.

Collaboration and challenges

The main focus of the Budapest office will be back-end development of the joint Betsson Group technological platform, Techsson. Betsson is constantly pushing the technology platform to the next level, and Budapest will play an important part in this mission.

“This is going to be a varied office from a tech perspective. We want to have multiple parts of the technological platform developed here. We see a lot of benefits in building communication between departments this way,” Joakim says.

He pushes away from the wall to be able to move his hands freely as he explains that if you have a development centre that only focuses on a specific part of the systems, it will be much harder to keep the development aligned with other departments and the rest of the organisation.

“Having development of different parts of the technological platform in one place creates a great opportunity for collaboration and synergies between teams and departments that you wouldn’t otherwise get,” Joakim says.

That all teams are using agile methodologies goes without saying these days. It’s the foundation for developing software and to make sure you continuously improve your way of working.

Engineering Hungary

The Betsson Office is on Tinódi utca, close to the east bank of the beautiful river Danube that flows through Budapest, dividing the city into two parts – Buda and Pest. Why did Betsson decide to set up an office in Budapest of all places?

“Budapest is becoming a tech hub. People here have a great engineering background”, Joakim affirms and adds that in addition Budapest is very well positioned in central Europe, close to everywhere.

He doesn’t have to say that another perk is that Budapest is a beautiful city. That’s evident to anyone who has been here or seen pictures. Joakim smiles and gestures towards the tall windows and the city that lies beyond them.

“I especially enjoy all the amazing restaurants and the variety of small unique coffee shops and bars that are basically everywhere.”

“At Betsson we love what we do, but we also like to have a good time and the lifestyle in Budapest is perfect for that.”

About Betsson Group

Betsson has more than 50 years of experience in gaming. From a single slot machine in 1963 to being listed on Nasdaq Stockholm and holding gaming licenses in eleven jurisdictions, Betsson has come a long way.

“We’re multi-national, with some 2000 people from 48 nationalities in 12 locations across Europe. We’re a stable, successful company and we’re growing”, Joakim states.

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