With about 2,200 people in 17 locations, we employ around 70 nationalities. It goes without saying that gives us a truly international feel! We are one of the largest companies within the iGaming industry and our 20+ brands offer casino, sportsbook, and other games via gaming licenses in 21 jurisdictions.

Pontus Lindwall - CEO Betsson AB, Sweden



IGaming is a growing industry and we move quickly to give our customers engaging online gaming experiences. We think deeply and act quickly, learning and developing as we go.


Our up-to-the-minute technology, combined with agile methodology, ensures our systems meet their 200-transactions-per-second challenge. Smart solutions created by smart people.


We love what we do, so we work hard. But we like to play a bit as well. It makes for a nice place to work. Add to that great perks and we feel valued and rewarded too.



The opportunities are endless in the online gaming sector. There is a wide range of roles available across all functions – be it Customer Service, HR, Finance, Tech, Legal, Payments and risk, SportsbookProduct management, Marketing and Commercial, and much, much more. Because our company covers such a wide range of areas, there’s certainly a job with us that will interest you. Check out our open positions!

Betsson Group

Our Products & Brands

Our vision is to provide the best customer experience in the industry. All that we do is digital and data-driven, which give us a unique edge. We use the insights we gain together with our multi-brand, single platform strategy to try to not only fulfil but exceed the expectations of the customers.

Betsson Group

Our Departments

Our Betssonites comes from a wide range of different nationalities, educational backgrounds and experiences. They all work in 10 different departments, ranging from Technology, Marketing, Customer Service, Legal and HR.

Betsson Group

We Play Fair

We know that gaming is not completely risk-free, offering online gaming comes with the responsibility to ensure customers a safe, secure and fun experience. Betsson has a dedicated team devoted to handling the day-to-day responsible gaming issues throughout the company.

Jesper Svensson, CEO

In this interview, CEO Jesper Svensson shares his insights on the industry and his career with Betsson Group.

Meet our People

Meet our People

We are powered by people. We work together, as a team, to achieve common goals and collaborate to succeed. We enjoy going to work because we have great colleagues.

Betsson Group

Meet Camilla in HR

She has been able to customise her role to make it as valuable as possible to the company, but also for herself. Her goal is to put a smile on people’s faces.

Betsson Group

Meet Karl the Frontend Developer

The most fun part of my job is putting things together and seeing them work. In a company this size, there are a lot of subsystems – it’s like someone handing you a gigantic box of building blocks to play with.

Our departments


Our Betssonites come from a wide range of different countries and have different educational backgrounds and experiences. We are responsible and transparent in our operations and respect each other and our customers. We employ people from all over the globe to work in our departments. Curious about what they do?

Fun Facts

Fun Facts

60 Nationalities

The two offices in Malta have the highest amount of nationalities, with 47 different ones. In Stockholm, we have around 20.

Cup of Joe

Having a fika (Swedish for having a coffee) is what drives many of us forward. There is no easy task counting how much coffee beans we grind each week, but approximately 50 kilos. Malta alone uses 35 kilos.

Sweet Tooth & fruits

In one week, we eat over 20 kilos of candy. But don’t worry, we also eat over 300 kilos of fruit – combined!

Our Brands

Our Brands

Betsson Group operates approximately 20 brands. Some of them are global brands operated in many markets and others are regional brands and brands targeting a specific country. Some brands offer the complete portfolio of products and others are focused on casino