Legal & Compliance

Legal & Compliance

The Legal Division takes responsibility for drafting contracts which are to be entered into by any of Betsson Group’s subsidiaries. They also manage all claims and legal proceedings and Intellectual Property. The Compliance and Regulatory Division is responsible for the application and maintenance of licences. Management of regulatory claims and proceedings also sits with this department.



The legal department is divided into two tracks; legal and compliance.


The compliance team is the ones handling everything that has to do with compliance and regulatory affairs. They work with everything that is happening with the applicable laws that affect our business. They maintain good relations with the regulators, works with AML and responsible gaming. Making sure that the company is compliant with the applicable terms, with first and foremost all of our gaming licenses.


The legal team consists of lawyers that function as gatekeepers when it comes to all contracts. Everything that the group purchases or any arrangements that we enter into must go through legal review. All contracts are thoroughly verified before they are sent to the business side of the company for signing. In addition to that, they help the company with all legal questions from all different departments.

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