Career Development


We live in a fast-paced, ever-changing, globally connected marketing industry. The opportunities are endless and incredibly exciting and the more we grow, the more we learn and develop.

The Learning process

The learning process is a natural step in each employee’s life, and in order to help you in your learning curve, we are offering several different programs and training that you can attend in order to grow, both in your personal life as well as in your work.

Learnings & Knowledge sharing

Our opportunities for learning at Betsson Group include – amongst other things:

  • Training – both external and in-house;
  • Food for Thought sessions with external speakers, on a local and global level as well as company-wide and within teams;
  • Opportunities to attend conferences
  • ShareON sessions, which are internal talks given by internal employees, to share our knowledge with each other
  • State of the art development programmes. Betsson has a number of initiatives in place to promote and further develop talented employees. We call it Elevation – training for high performance.

Development discussions

Our development discussions, held bi-yearly, are a perfect opportunity to talk about your current role and your next steps forward together with your manager. This is a golden opportunity for both the manager and the employee to collect their thoughts on past performance and way forward. After the Development Discussions, managers also create Talent Plans for each employee, so we can increase visibility of talent in the organisation and focus reward, retention and accelerated development opportunities.


High potential – HiPo

Identifying high performers and employees with high potential is essential to us. We want to show gratitude for all their hard work, keep them motivated and help them develop within the company. The High Potential program is about getting deeper insights into different parts of our business, both from an internal and external perspective, but also into oneself as an individual. It’s a nomination based program that is directed at employees who are aiming for general management roles at Betsson Group.

How it works


The program lasts for one year, and it includes individual assessments, case studies, more profound insights in different parts of our business, project management, company visits, group work and lots of exposure to our top management. The program is a great way to see all the different parts that go into making Betsson a functional business and understand what decisions affect which areas.

Nominations for the program are collected through our Talent Review process, where people managers at all levels of the organisation are reviewing their teams when it comes to performance, potential, expertise and any talent gaps. OMM is then discussing candidates for the program to see if there is a fit both ways before confirming the participants.

Once the list of nominees is confirmed, selected individuals undergo a screening process where their motivation, commitment and aspirations are being discussed to make sure that the program is the best solution for their individual growth and are aligned with the purpose of the program.



Hear what our previous participants have to say about the HiPo Program.

Debbie Kooy - SEO Content Manager , Malta

The best thing with HiPo is definitely the people. We have a great group of skilled individuals coming from different backgrounds and of different nationalities. It is super interesting to see the diverse points of view and the expertise each brings to the table.

Jamie Frendo - Head of AML & RIsk Operations, Malta

HiPo shows the commitment by Betsson Group to our growth and contribution to the business