Why Betsson?

Why Betsson?

At Betsson Group, we strive to offer the best employee experience in the gaming industry and beyond. When becoming a Betssonite, you are instantly immersed in the One Betsson spirit and get to work and collaborate with smart, creative, and talented individuals who are passionate about what they do. We offer an international, fun, and diverse environment with a strong company culture. We encourage work life balance, drive innovation and sense of belonging through our great leaders, and provide ample opportunities for growth and career development.

What we offer


When an employee joins Betsson, they become part of an extended worldwide network hosting more than 60 nationalities. They get to work in an international, dynamic and diverse environment where 75% of our talented and motivated people are millennials. We understand that a good employee experience comes from having a great company culture that puts people first. And for us, those aren’t just words. With our One Betsson spirit, we work together as a team and help each other to achieve common goals and collaborate on our mission to outgrow the market. That is also why 88% of our employees said that they would recommend us to their friends in our last employee survey.


We offer our employees further career opportunities and personal growth. We focus on internal recruitment, which allows our employees to advance or change their career within Betsson Group. In 2021, more than one third of our open vacancies were filled internally. We offer opportunities for professional development in terms of regular development discussions, internships, internal job rotation schemes and internal trainings. We also invest in our leaders and every single one of them goes through a comprehensive leadership programme, as we understand that talented people need talented leaders.


We believe in the numerous positive effects of having a good work-life balance, such as reduced levels of stress, greater satisfaction and a better sense of wellbeing. We offer a hybrid working model which gives our Betssonites the best of two worlds: 3 days working from the office to connect and collaborate in person and 2 days working from home to reflect our employees’ preference. This is subsidized by a working from home benefit so that our employees can have a healthy and efficient working space even when not at the office. We also offer 10 days per year of remote work from any EU location, flexible working hours, wellness allowance, study leave, birthday leave, maternity leave, birth leave, parental leave, marriage leave and parenthood working hours to accommodate our employees’ needs throughout various stages of their life.


At Betsson Group, we consider being an equal opportunity employer an important part of our success. Every employee is an instrumental part of our business, and we strive to treat each other fairly and equally. Betsson is a workplace that attracts people of any gender and from various ethnic backgrounds so that their unique skills and expertise can flourish and contribute to a joint success. Our workforce consists of 60 different nationalities and 40% of our employees are women. To support, inspire and help women further grow, we have set up WIBE, our internal network of Women in Betsson. We aim to make the gaming & technology industry more attractive to women.


With 60+ years of experience, we are one of the leading players in the gaming industry. We have always been passionate about what we do. Throughout our entire history we have been putting this into practice by expanding our offering, entering new markets and demonstrating financial growth. We are passionate about gaming, sports, technology, customer service, marketing, design, user experiences, SEO, and much, much more. But passion for us comes hand in hand with playing fair, only like that we can enjoy everything we do. We are a responsible operator not only towards our customers, but also within the communities in which we work. We believe that by working together, we can win together.


Our up-to-the-minute technology, combined with agile methodology, ensures our systems meet their 200-transactions-per-second challenge. We are working with cutting edge technologies in multiple areas of our systems, from frontend and automation to deployment and databases. We are innovative, process driven and strive to provide the best technology platforms for our products. By supplying adequate training, we ensure our technology teams are always staying on top of the game on the technology market, which is constantly evolving.

15 reasons to join Betsson, according to Betssonites

Betsson Group
Our Values

Our Values

in it together

one betsson

It’s all about people. We work together, as a team, to achieve common goals and collaborate to succeed. We enjoy going to work because we have great colleagues. We challenge and support each other. We make everyone feel welcome by being open, friendly and social and we celebrate diversity.

The behaviours we connect with the One Betsson value is:

  • Team Players –  connecting with individuals and teas to build lasting, collaborative relationships.
  • Supportive – helping and motivating others to find meaning in their work and achieve exceptional results.
  • Respectful – championing Inclusion & Diversity and create an environment where everybody feels like they belong.
in our dna


We love what we do. We are passionate about our jobs, our team and our company. Through our dedication to business and iGaming / gaming, we achieve great things. Our enthusiasm drives us full speed ahead.

The behaviours we connect with the Passion value is:

  • Enthusiastic – being passionate about delivering exceptional results.
  • Ambitious – being eager to grow and be the face of Betsson.
  • Dedicated – being dedicated to bring new ideas and create innovation.
respect & values

fair play

We listen to and respect our customers, partners, communities and one another. We are operating with responsibility and integrity. By playing fair, we win together.

The behaviours we connect with the Fair Play value is:

  • Honest – being truthful to myself and others and focused on self-development and continuous learning.
  • Accountable -being responsible for my work and the decisions I make.
  • Fair – taking personal responsibility to create a fair and honest environment.

Betsson Group's Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging Statement

Betsson Group’s Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DIB) Statement reaffirms our dedication to nurturing a diverse and inclusive work environment. Aligned with our company culture and values, this statement serves as the foundation for all our ongoing DIB initiatives, emphasising the integration of DIB principles into our organisational processes. [Read Full Text]

Hear from our Betssonites

Dan - Customer Team Manager, Malta

There are many highlights to my journey within Customer Services. Not just working for an award winning company, but also the team spirit that reflects across the floor. It is a fun and super friendly environment that ensures even on the tough days, my team and I share plenty of positivity.

Deandra - Senior QA Engineer, Malta

At Betsson, we have the right balance between working professionally and having fun. I also like the feeling of being appreciated.