Welcome to Betsson Internship Programme

Betsson Internship Programme

Betsson Internship Programme offers numerous entry level positions within multiple departments at several of our offices.

Betsson Internship Programme Benefits



Build valuable networks Your launch pad into the gaming industry
This is an opportunity to gain some incredible experience which will be valuable once you finish your studies.
Build valuable networks Opportunity to build valuable networks
You’ll be working with some of the most talented people within the industry who will be able to mentor you during your internship.
12 week programme 12-weeks full-time (July – September)
Use your summer recess to gain 12 weeks of full-time hands-on experience in the area of your studies.
Paid and benefits Fair compensation and multiple benefits
Get paid for your internship experience and also enjoy benefits such as team events, free breakfast, free fruit, company events, etc.
Outline of roles An outline of all potential careers available in gaming
Your experience at Betsson Group allows you to gain an overview of the different career possibilities that the gaming industry offers.
Secure a place Possibility of securing a place as a graduate
Show us that you’re a star talent and you’ll be in a good position of securing a permanent place with Betsson Group.



These paid work placements allow the successful applicants to spend a summer learning and working within a multi-national company with a view to securing a place as a graduate.  Last year, eight of our interns were hired as permanent employees at the end of the summer!

Betsson Group is home to more than 2,100 employees from more than 70 nationalities and it’s here that interns get the chance to apply academic theory to real-life Betsson challenges.

Betsson Internship Programme is open for people who as of the first day of the internship, will be 18 years of age or older.


The three-month duration programme offers students exposure to working life at Betsson, real-world insights into our business, gives an outline of potential career choices and provides them with an opportunity to build valuable business networks.  Students not only learn from the business but add value with fresh ideas and suggestions.

At Betsson Group, we are committed to strengthening our links with local and international universities, and Betsson Internship Programme is a vital part of investing in the top tech talent.