Product Development

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Product Development

At Betsson, we take great pride in the world class products that we offer to our customers. It is our product development department that is responsible for the entire cycle from conceptualisation of ideas all the way to market release of the products and beyond.


Customer centric


Our teams collaborate closely with the other departments including our commercial and marketing teams, operations and compliance to ensure that our products are first-in-class.


There are around 600 very talented people, specialising in the different aspects of product development, from product management through to technical experts in Software Development, Infrastructure, Networking & Cloud to name a few.


The teams are cross functional, allowing for end to end ownership of our product development journey. That way, we have the most optimized processes, allowing for us to deliver quality products fast to our customers. Seeing happy customers brings indescribable satisfaction and pride to our teams.

Rachel Kohler, Head of Product Development

In this interview, Rachel Kohler, Head of Product Development, shares her views, insights and experience of working at Betsson.

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