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Customer Service

Our Customer Service team consists of 187 driven employees, with 24 different nationalities from all over the world. We are well-recognised in the business when it comes to this area, and have won a number of prestigious global prizes.



We are incredibly honoured and proud to have won an astonishing 10 EGR awards since 2014 onwards, proving that with passion and dedication together with the right people and processes in place anything is possible. Always keep the customers at heart and make sure to be proactive, delivering features before customers asks for them, that’s the secret.

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Melissa - Head of Customer Service, Malta

Our Customer Support is proud to offer exceptional service to our customers, and this is only possible as the entire team has a true passion for the job and is able to work together, aiming to reach the same goals. The department provides the best training and state of the art tools that result in a positive and unique experience for all of the contacts we receive each year. Most importantly, we treat all of our agents as we would like them to treat our customer, with respect whilst we value and act upon their feedback and potential issues. Take care of your team and you are halfway there.



Melissa Zalbeigi, Head of Customer Service

In this interview, Melissa Zalbeigi, Head of Customer Service, shares her views, insights and experience of working at Betsson.

Responsible Gaming

Responsible Gaming



Malin is the Manager for the CS VIP Team and Senior Support team. She had lived abroad for 11 years before she settled in Malta. Malin loves to try new restaurants and meet new people, which the island is perfect for!

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