Information Security

Securing our Data

Securing our Data

The Information Security team is responsible for constructing, enforcing and maintaining information security policies and procedures, in line with industry best practices, across Betsson Group and its respective brands. Our department is focused on two main areas: Information Security Governance and Operations Security.



Information Security Governance

The team ensures, through comprehensive risk management, that all employees within Betsson Group and its respective brands are complying with our Information Security Management System (ISMS). The ISMS is designed to ensure that the information of Betsson Group is protected from confidentiality, integrity or availability breaches.

The team also ensures that Betsson Group and its brands are complying with globally-renowned information security standards and gaming regulations specific to the market the Group operates in

Operations Security

The team ensures that it is protecting Betsson Group’s information by simulating attacks on our Information Technology infrastructure to identify critical information, analyse threats and vulnerabilities, assess associated risks and apply appropriate countermeasures to ensure that outside attackers are not in a position to access and steal our information.

Career development with


My story with Betsson is quite a funny one. I started as a Security coordinator in April 2013. I went from being a Security coordinator to Information Security Manager. This is my Career development.