Product Management

The heart of the company


The product department handles product development in the context of the business and product strategy via product internal coordination, prioritisation of topics, communication, and close alignment with other departments.



You could say that the Product department is the heart of the company; they work with all different areas. They work closely with the commercial teams, and their mission is to help them with their needs, wishes and problems. They also operate a lot with the marketing, SEO and analytics teams and provide solutions for those who work in the technical teams. Sometimes they even work with customer support when its product-related matters


Most people in the teams are product delivery managers, product managers or product owners. Product delivery managers’ primary goal is that all products are delivered with high quality. Therefore, they work with product project planning and collaborates with various product teams to bring new product development to completion and launch. They work with Product Owners, Architects, Development teams, UI/UX, etc, to be able to align and delivery one common goal across multiple teams.


The product managers focus a bit more on the strategic, long-term matters, and dealing more with stakeholders. Their job is to ensure that there is a detailed project plan to track progress and report while managing changes in project scope & delivery timelines as well as resources. We also have analysts and an execution department where people are managing the delivery of our new features and corporate product functions.

Samuel Tabbo - Senior Product Owner, Malta

In my opinion, the best part of my job, in particular, is being part of the decision-making process and influence it, and go through the entire process from the actual idea until the final product.