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Sportsbook: An Analyst's World

Sportsbook: An Analyst's World

An interview with one of our new Business Analyst in the Sportsbook Tech Team, Olivier.

Meet Olivier, our new Business Analyst in the Sportsbook Tech Team! We sat down with Olivier to find out how his first month is going and what he makes of it all so far…


"I am originally from Belgium (from the French-speaking part) and moved to Malta 7 years ago," says Olivier.

"I had just finished my studies in computing and networks and was looking for more sun. So, I started my career here in Malta as a customer support agent in a Swedish company, specialising in BPO for online marketplaces. Over the years, I took up different roles most notably software developer and product owner.

"Although I had no exposure to iGaming back then, I gained expertise in many aspects of product management by working on multiple internal and public facing solutions."

​ ​​With a background in IT and networks, what directed you to work in the role of a Business Analyst?
"Over the past few years, working in product has always kept me excited – it's both challenging and fun at the same time. You need to constantly change focus between the high-level and low-level details of a project, discuss and agree with many people within the organisation from stakeholders to developers. What I enjoy is that eventually all of this will lead into turning an idea to something concrete that customers will use and hopefully love. It's for these reasons that it felt natural for me to continue in this path and join Betsson as a business analyst.

The timing was perfect - after so many years in the same place where I learned the role inside out, this new challenge will help me expand my knowledge in product and also in iGaming while at the same time remain in a fast-paced and innovative environment... and stay in Malta!"

How does the BA role differ here at Betsson Group?
"The biggest change is that working here is really fun and interesting; I am constantly learning new things. The environment is comfortable and there are lots of nice perks. Most importantly, the people here are really nice and welcoming.

It's hard to do an objective comparison between this and my previous roles but it's obviously very different. My opinion is that every team should use the process that suits them best to deliver in the most effective way. I am just happy to see that this is what the teams around here are striving to achieve and that they are all very engaged."

Now that you are with our Sportsbook Tech Team, what is it like learning a new product?
"I like sports in general so this is a fun area for me. What impressed me the most is the passion of all the people who are involved to make it work. I truly enjoyed the good vibes during the world cup as everyone worked hard to make it a success. Regarding the learning phase, I am really thankful for all the people who were really patient and happy to explain to me even the most basic concepts. It will still take me a while though before I can say that I am an expert in sportsbook… but in such an environment and with such colleagues, I'm sure that I will get there.

Even though it's just been a month, I'm really excited about this new role and I'm confident that Betsson Group is the right place to be for me."