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Customer Service Team Leader Malta.

Talk me through your career prior to Betsson

I started my own company when I was 21 in construction in Sweden. I sold glass windows and grew my company over the years to 15 employees. I decided I wanted a new challenge so I came to Betsson after 8 years of being my own boss.

Why did you move to join Betsson?

I wanted to be in a stable and organised company. I wanted stability, structure and to work in a big organisation. I started as an agent here, I knew that Betsson was hiring as I had friends here. I stayed here in Malta for a month before applying for the job and once I applied it was a quick and efficient process with me having a job within a few days. My first impression of Betsson was of my manager Aleksej, he helped me a lot and that alone made me want to stay – he is an awesome manager. I started in November last year, it took some time to settle into the number of chats etc. but I was given time to settle and feedback so I could excel.

Why did you want to become a Team Leader?

I have always been in a managerial position; I am really comfortable in the role. I am happy that the energy I put into the company really helps with a lot of young people to make them excel. Finding people who want to excel and helping them do that is what I want to do.

How does your average day look?

There is a lot of planning of my day. I need to make sure everyone is here and that contacts are being handled properly and according to the procedure. I engage with my team and send feedback to agents where needed. Checking the statistics is a big part of my day, reacting to them when needed.

Is it what you expected the role to be?

I have been given the freedom to create the role I want it to be. I am able to try new things whilst doing what is also at the core of what a Team Leader is.

How do you maintain focus on quality and customer satisfaction within your team?

I constantly update them with stats on how we are doing to make them more involved, I always make sure to provide feedback as soon as there are areas to improve on. I promote success through incentives, it creates a competitive environment which works really well here. I try to base all my incentives on statistics, the goal is always to excel beyond the KPI’s every day.

What is the most enjoyable part of your role?

My colleagues, definitely the freedom. I have been given trust and then I learn from there. I am not afraid to make mistakes – everything is calculated to ensure I don’t. I am able to find my way of leading my team.

If someone was to ask you what it is like working at Betsson what would you say?

It’s very organised, there is an energetic vibe to it as well. It is inspiring to work with people who want to excel and make a career out of it.

Where do you see yourself in the next few years?

I see myself here with Betsson, and I hope to still be with something customer related.