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Developer, Stockholm

”The best part of my job is developing scalable and modern web applications that are used by a huge number of customers every month.”

I decided to join Betsson because it felt like a company where I had the ability to evolve. Today I’ve been a Betssonite since May 2015, and it’s nice to be able to confirm that my initial gut-feeling about Betsson was definitely correct!  Previously I’ve worked as a consultant for several companies, developing various types of software. Betsson is the first product based company that I’ve worked at, and it has been a pleasant change to leave the consultant-role behind and try something new.  I work as a frontend-developer in one of our site teams at Betsson - we develop and maintain one of Betsson’s sites. We’re using SCRUM in our everyday-work, in order to streamline and quality assure our deliverables.

What I like most about working here is the atmosphere: there’s so much talent and joyfulness gathered inside the Betsson walls, and it’s a spirit that spreads throughout the whole organisation.