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We play fair

We play fair

Whilst we’re ambitious, our ambitions don’t come at any cost. At Betsson we play fair, taking a positive, responsible and ethical approach to how we interact with our customers, partners, communities and one another. We’re responsible and transparent in our operations.

What is responsible gaming?

Responsible gaming has always been a core value at Betsson and we take it very seriously. We want our customers to enjoy gaming as a fun and enjoyable pastime – something that adds a little excitement into everyday life by betting in a controlled and sensible way.

However not everyone has that sense of control and, for a very small minority, it can become a problem. And that’s where we step in. We work hard to identify customers showing signs of problem gambling and help them. It’s earned us a reputation as a socially responsible operator and we’ve won a number of associated prestigious international industry awards since 2008.

Betsson, and our subsidiaries, uphold all the rules and regulations regarding Responsible Gaming as required by the Maltese Lotteries and Gaming Authority (MGA) and in the other jurisdictions where we hold licenses (Denmark, Estonia, Italy and United Kingdom).

Promoting and executing Responsible Gaming

To make sure we’re on top of our game, we have a Responsible Gaming Department to comply with all the policies of the MGA. In fact, we were the first Malta-licensed company to dedicate a full-time post for this area.

Betsson was also one of the first online gambling companies to be certified, and to provide training for employees, by international independent responsible gaming experts G4 (the Global Gambling Guidance Group). We make sure all our people are trained and sensitized to problem gambling by G4. Customer-facing personnel also receive extra training.

How we protect our customers

Without our customers we don’t have a  business. It’s in our interests to protect them. That’s why we do our best to safeguard them by automated web self-exclusion and budget limiting tools; self-assessment tests and advice on keeping gambling fun and we might even block customers’ access to certain products.

Naturally, we employ very strict age verification and Know Your Customer procedures on all accounts. And to make sure, all our websites and procedures are audited and certified by G4. The Betsson Group also regularly promotes research and interest in the field to make sure we’re well informed every step of the way. 

Playing fair with our people

Betsson Employees

We’re as committed to protecting our people as much as we are our customers. As well as assuring equal wages for all genders, it means that we’re prepared to take action to make sure that cultural, gender, racial/ethnic differences and disability are not affecting the way employees are treated. Our differences are what make Betsson such an inspiring place to work and we want to see that it stays that way.

We play fair