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About Betsson Group 10-05-16

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Recent news \ 2017 

Make a mark


HR Manager Balazs Szabo is bursting with energy. He is a man on a mission: He gets to be there from the beginning as Betsson Group sets up a whole new office in the Hungarian capital of Budapest.


Swim like an Olympic gold medalist


Betssonites are people who are willing to challenge themselves and learn new things to up their game. No wonder then, that a number of our employees jumped at the opportunity to learn how to swim, or to improve their swimming technique when we offered swimming lessons.


High-load high-tech


The yellow, lime covered brick walls of the new Betsson office in Budapest give it an almost factory like look. In fact, the Gizella Malom building that hosts the offices was once a busy mill. Built in 1880 it miraculously survived the bombings of World War II. The outside doesn’t reflect the inside, though. The purpose of the new Betsson Office in Budapest is in no way manufacturing. On the contrary, within these walls state of the art high-tech development will take place.


Betsson Meetup with Google Developer Group


Betsson arranges a Meetup session at the Stockholm Office on June 28th. Speakers are Martin Omander, from the Google Developer Relations and Sead Muftic, CEO of BIX Security Corporation.


Betsson New York


At the end of 2016, our star employees won the trip of a lifetime to New York City. Here is their amazing story.


Betsson Academy 2017


We are now launching the Betsson Academy for 2017! In its third year, the Betsson Academy, a 12-week full-time internship programme, is offering the largest amount placements to date with 13 paid positions up for grabs.


Betsson Group @ Swetugg


Betsson Group are delighted to have been one of the sponsors of this year’s Swetugg event in Stockholm, a conference for .NET developers by .NET developers. We enjoyed two days filled with networking, learning and a range of informative sessions from around 50 speakers