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About Betsson Group 10-05-16

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Recent news \ 2018 

Why diversity and Tech goes great together


At the beginning of March, a group of excited female Betssonites set out to participate in the Women in Tech Conference held in Stockholm. Although the focus of the conference was not on a technical only level, with a deep-dive into the code, it offered some very inspirational and thought-provoking discussions.


Collaboration between theory and work


Ever wondered how to combine a passion for sports and fitness with studies? Joel and Tobias solved this by doing their Master Thesis in collaboration with Betsson Group. By doing so they got to do what they love, and learn how the work at a big company is carried out.


My first 2 weeks as a Betssonite


Starting at a new company is always a bit nerve-racking, but hopefully, you are also full of energy and excitement. It’s fully normal to be nervous, there will be a lot of information to process and a lot of new faces and names to learn. Casper shares his thought and experience from his first 2 weeks.


Betsson Group supports Women in tech


At Betsson we like differences. It’s clear to us that we benefit from diversity and that we as a company become stronger and more competitive when hiring people with varying backgrounds, experiences and cultures.


Ideas and Ingenuity Celebrated


Ingenuity, sheer passion and teamwork have been celebrated as three teams presented their projects at the end of TechON - a 10-month learning and development programme for our Tech Talent (developers and QA’s).


Betsson Budapest is Office of the year!


We won! Betsson Budapest was awarded the prize for best office in Hungary. Was it the tree house, the combination of new meets old or just the amazing ambiance? Read on to find out.


Technique and leadership in harmony


The challenge of working with high load systems and the possibility to grow and influence your professional life make Betsson Group the place to be for Attila Papp.