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A football fans dream job?

Apart from Product & Tech, we have been working closely with Commercial, where every brand naturally wants to push their promotions, and with Customer Support to make sure they know what to answer our customers since so many of the markets are new.


It’s the World Cup, and the Football Team has the time of their lives. Daniel Attard is Football Trading Manager with the Sportsbook team. The World Cup, naturally, is a peak time for him and his team of 18 people.
“It only happens every four years, and it is an opportunity for us to benchmark and show the Betting World where we stand,” Daniel says.

“We started the preparations about six months ago. It has been, and it still is a lot of hard work.”

Daniels says he is happy that our new product BetBuilder is up and running smoothly. There have been a lot of meetings and cooperation with other parts of the business leading up to the World Cup. With 230 different markets per game, there sure is a lot to keep track of!


The last week before the World Cup started was a bit nerve-racking, Daniel says, but then the nerves settle down, and everybody started looking forward to it.

“Now that the World Cup is in full swing we just run with it. My team knows what to do.”

For the Sportsbook team, it’s long hours right now. The roster and the shifts have been adjusted to reflect this. During the matches, the live team oversees the odds, making sure we have the best offer and are very competitive. After the last match has ended, there is still work to be done settling the markets and getting ready for the next day.

Root for the underdog

Who wins and who loses obviously has a big impact on our business.

“Everybody’s supporting the underdog even if your favourite team is playing,” Daniel says.

During games, the atmosphere on the trading floor of the E2 Hub – our office in St Julians, Malta – is electrifying.

“When it goes our way, there is quite a lot of happy shouting and banging on the desks at Sportsbook”, Daniel says with a smile.


00 jobs in 00 departments

New recruits

We want to make sure we’ve got every angle covered to check that we’re as right for you, as you are for us. It means you’ll meet our recruiters, but it also means you’ll meet members from your future team during the interview process. It’s important we understand that we’re a fit culturally, as well as checking your experience is adequate for the role you’re applying for.

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