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New network launched!

The new network WIBE - Women in Betsson - is part of the company's efforts in putting the spotlight on diversity both within and outside of the organisation.

As part of Betsson Group’s continued focus on diversity and inclusion, a new global network called WIBE has been set up. The aim is to create a platform to promote equality and the empowerment of women within the igaming industry, and where women at Betsson can network and inspire each other. The feedback from the first session, with participants from Betsson Group offices around the world, was fantastic!

With 57 nationalities from 5 different continents, 60% men and 40% women, spread across four generations, the company is indeed a melting pot of different experiences, backgrounds and ideas.

“To us, diversity is good business and creates an interesting and fun work environment,” says Betsson Group’s Chief HR Officer, Lena Nordin.

“We know that a diverse workforce is more innovative and looks at solutions and challenges from multiple angles. In an industry such as ours, ever changing and ever evolving, this is the key to success.”

Betsson Group Chief HR Officer Lena Nordin kicked off the first meeting by talking about how Betsson promotes diversity, inclusion and belonging for all within the company.

In its bid to be fully inclusive, Betsson has created a culture where employees are encouraged to voice their opinions and provide suggestions. In monthly BEE forums (BEE stands for Betsson Employee Experience), employees discuss and propose ideas and initiatives to improve the employee experience. In addition, it Betsson has an online suggestion box where employees can post their ideas or vote on existing ones. Another important channels to receive feedback is the annual Employee survey.

“We offer a full three-day onboarding program for our new employees to make them feel welcome and included from day one. We also facilitate a number of social clubs which bring together Betssonites who share the same passion – be it reading, board games, arts and crafts, photography, food, football, or cars,” says Lena, and adds that Betsson also offers a concierge service for their staff and have a hairdresser, a nail technician and a masseur on-site once a week to facilitate work-life balance for all employees.


Panel discussion where Betsson Group Director of CRM and VIP Sofia Madsen, Legal Counsel Corinne Valletta and Head of Content and Social Media Christina Goggi shared their thoughts on equality and their best tips on career progression.

Claudine Borg Azzopardi from KPMG talked about the business case for diversity and shared some statistics and research on the subject.

Prestigious awards

Betsson’s efforts in creating an inclusive work environment has not gone unnoticed by the industry. Just last month, Betsson Group was awarded with the ‘Great Place to Work’ title at the International Gaming Awards. In 2019, Betsson also received the ‘Company of the Year Award’ at the ​Women in Gaming, Diversity and Employee Wellbeing Awards and the ‘Employer of the Year Award’ at the EGR Operator Awards.

“This makes us very proud and is testament to our efforts. It also inspires us to keep evolving and continue to work towards our vision to offer the best employee experience – for all our talented Betssonites,” Lena concludes.