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Betsson Group wins 4 Awards at SBC Awards

Betsson wins Gold for 'Casino Operator of the Year' (for the second consecutive year), 'Best Affiliate Program', and 'Western European Sportsbook of the Year' and Silver for 'Best Marketing Campaign'.

At yesterday’s SBC Awards, Betsson Group has won 3 Gold Awards and 1 Silver Award. These awards recognise and reward expertise and innovation in the betting and gaming industry. Betsson won Gold for the ‘Casino Operator of the Year’, the ‘Best Affiliate Program’, and the ‘Western European Sportsbook of the Year’. It also won Silver for ‘Best Marketing Campaign’.

The Casino Operator of the Year award recognises the best overall casino operator of 2022! Judges were looking for the operator that has been the most innovative and successful in its activities in 2022 and they decided that for the second year running, Betsson Group deserves this award once more. They placed particular emphasis on growth, new market penetration, marketing, quality, differentiation of operations and strength of brand.

The Western European Sportsbook of the Year, rewards the Sportsbook that has been the most innovative and successful in its activities in Western European in 2022. The judges looked at growth, quality, differentiation of operations and strength of brand in the Western European market.

The Best Affiliate Program was created to recognise the best affiliate partner scheme of 2022. It recognises the operator that has developed and offered the most popular and successful affiliate scheme during the year. The judged analysed every detail of the affiliation program and gave particular emphasis on popularity, overall growth, differentiation, customer service and relationship management.

For the Marketing Campaign of the Year, where Betsson won second place, the award recognises the company behind the most innovative, intelligent and creative Marketing Campaigns of 2022. The award was open to operators, affiliates or agencies working on behalf of a gaming company. Particular emphasis was placed on the campaign’s creativity, success and originality.


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