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At the CORE of Betsson

At Betsson Group, we certainly aim high and with that comes the prospect of hiring the best talent! We sat down with Josef Cauchi, our Product Development Manager and James Bason, our Head of Product Development from the Core Area to find what they look for when recruiting for their team.

@Josef – You’ve now been with Betsson Group for over 7 years, can you tell us a little bit about why you joined?

OMG 7 years! That’s as much as the lifetime of a koala! Jokes aside, I joined Betsson because I wanted to join a company that dealt with the latest technologies and that would challenge me to learn more by working with smart, skilled individuals. I wasn’t disappointed. With all the knowledge and experiences accumulated throughout all these years I feel like I am a much better version of myself.

@James – So what does the Area of CORE do at Betsson Group?

The Core Area is the engine behind Betsson’s brands. We handle centralised content, customer insights, our internal facing tools, our frameworks which other areas use, even our product releases and centralised tools we build for our brands. Its diverse, multi skilled, and above all, a great team.

@Josef, James – The team is currently on the hunt for a SENIOR .NET Developer to join the team, what are the dynamics like?

As part of Core, you are not a skillset, you are family. You will join a department of 50 people, all working together to create something special. Your team, the foundation team, is just that, the foundation which Betsson is built on technically within the software development sphere. Your colleagues, a great group of skilled humans who are there for each other, learn from each other and definitely win and celebrate together. If you are curious, passionate and a genuinely nice human being, you will fit it perfectly here.

@Josef – What technologies will the future new team member be working with?

The new team member will work with the latest the .NET Core framework. We have multiple applications powered by .NET and we have a mix of cloud ready apps and some apps still yet to soar to the cloud. Some other tech we play with are Microsoft Orleans, Kubernetes, Kafka, RabbitMQ, GitHub, etc. Also, we are always open for anyone to contribute on projects owned by other teams, so the learning opportunities are huge.

@Josef – So for the new person joining, what do they need to do to impress you during an interview?

For me, the ideal candidate should have a growth mentality. Of course, the person must be skilled in development and has had experiences with rollercoaster of issues and successes as those are key to growth. But in addition to that, what we’re looking for is an individual who is humble and eager to learn more. In my experience I have learned that amazing things can come out if you’re surrounded with colleagues with this growth mindset.

@James – What would be the main challenge they would face?

Our future colleague will be working on our API Layer within Betsson, helping to own it as a framework and which all our other product development areas use to create awesome products and features with. Both caring and extending the layer and being an evangelist for its use within other areas will be the main challenges, both being very fulfilling.

If you think this role fits you, think about being able to say: ‘My team and I handle the API Layer for a company which generates revenues of around half a billion euro per annum.’ Quite the accomplishment 😉


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