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Betsson Group shortlisted in 12 categories at the WIG Diversity & Employee Wellbeing Awards 2024 

Betsson Group and its Betssonites have been recognised with 12 nominations at the Women in Gaming (WiG) Diversity & Employee Wellbeing Awards for their exceptional dedication to promoting equality, diversity, and inclusion.

This year, Betsson Group has been nominated for 12 categories at the Women in Gaming Diversity & Employee Wellbeing Awards 2024: four of these nominations are for Betsson Group as a company, and the other eight are for eight fantastic Betssonites. 

Set to take place on the 6th of June, 2024, at the Savoy Hotel in London, the event rewards and recognises organisations and individuals for their outstanding devotion to enhancing equality, diversity, and inclusion. Since its launch in 2010, the event has solidified its position as one of the global gaming industry’s most prestigious and widely respected diversity accolades. 

As a company committed to excellence, diversity, and social responsibility, Betsson Group is truly honoured to be nominated for several categories and extremely proud of seeing its Betssonites recognised for their expertise and dedication in their individual nominations. The categories in which Betsson Group and its employees have been shortlisted include:

Company Awards

– Best Diverse Place to Work 

– Community Engagement

– Diversity & Inclusion

– Excellence in Customer Service

Individual Awards 

HR Champion: Helen Baker, Global HR Director

Industry Achiever: Corinne Valletta, General Counsel

– Inspiration of the Year: Lena Nordin, Chief HR Officer

– Leader of the Year: Lena Nordin, Chief HR Officer

– Positive Role Model of the Year: Jonna Danlund, Head of Sustainability

Star of the Future: Dalar Jivanian, Head of Product – Brand Experience

– The Outstanding Mentor: Maria Loumpourdi, Head of Talent Development

– Young Leader of the Year: Katia Abela, Software Architect


Here are more details about the award categories and why Betsson Group has been shortlisted:


Community Engagement

This award recognises companies that have or are running projects or a programme that engages not just employees but the wider community outside of work, creating a broader positive impact towards community engagement. Some of Betsson’s long-term projects include FIDEM in Malta, Budapest Bike Maffia in Hungary, and stepping up for Ukraine with funds, supplies, and many other initiatives, such as a collaboration with Operation Aid.  More about most of Betsson’s community engagement projects can be found on OneBetsson.com.

Diversity & Inclusion

This award recognises companies that actively encourage diversity and inclusion in their workforce and how it focuses on diverse communities. Betsson Group’s nomination reflects its dedication to diversity and inclusion in its core values, Passion, One Betsson, and Fair Play, which emphasise creating an open and inclusive environment for each employee. Some other efforts related to this nomination include several Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DIB) conferences, Betsson Group’s DIB Statement, being highly scored in our Internal Employee Survey Q4 2023 – with several questions focused on DIB, and a recognition in the 2023’s All-Index® survey by the All-In Diversity Project. 

Best Diverse Place to Work 

The Best Diverse Place to Work award recognises the companies that provide a committed, effective, motivated, and diverse workplace. With a workforce of around 2,300 employees from 70+ different nationalities, spread across 4 generations, Betsson Group is committed to constantly providing an open, inclusive environment where every employee feels valued, respected, and appreciated. We have implemented a range of initiatives, such as a zero-tolerance policy against bias and discrimination, pay equity commitments, flexible working arrangements, and inclusive leadership programmes, among other initiatives.

Excellence in Customer Service 

This award recognises any individual or team that has differentiated itself through a well-communicated customer commitment, taking into account its customer satisfaction rating, the relationships between the CS and its customers, and the fact that these implementations have increased the efficiency and rating of their company. Betsson Group’s nomination is a testament to its focus on providing exceptional customer support. One of Betsson’s core strategies is to assist the customer anytime and anywhere with a vast selection of communication methods. Besides, to help employees reach their full potential, the company provides its Customer Service team scores of courses and hundreds of knowledge base articles, among many other learning and well-being benefits. 

Here are more details about the award categories and why Betssonites have been shortlisted:


The Outstanding Mentor Award 

Maria Loumpourdi, Head of Talent Development at Betsson Group, has been nominated for The Outstanding Mentor Award. This recognition celebrates individuals who go above and beyond to imprint their lasting positive impact onto others, enriching them to become fuller versions of themselves. Maria’s nomination underscores her outstanding leadership, mentorship, and unwavering dedication to talent development, as well as her contribution to the design and execution of talent management and development strategies across the company.

Inspiration of the Year Award and Leader of the Year Award 

Betsson Group’s Chief HR Office, Lena Nordin, has been nominated for two prestigious award categories: the Inspiration of the Year Award and the Leader of the Year Award. The former award acknowledges the individual’s commitment to inspiring and motivating colleagues through their own principles and work ethic. The latter award celebrates the individual’s ability to lead in a positive environment, helping inspire and leading teams to internal or external successes. Lena’s journey within Betsson Group has been one of unwavering dedication, innovative leadership, and profound impact, making her a beacon of inspiration within the Group and across the iGaming industry. Lena is a transformative leader who sets the bar high for excellence, integrity, and compassion. 

Positive Role Model of the Year

This important award recognises an individual who is a role model in helping drive goals, achieving tasks, helping to gain success, and showing how they positively engage with others as an example to all within the workplace. This individual has also overcome challenging obstacles and shown a positive approach to others within their workplace. The Betssonite nominated in this category is Jonna Danlund, Head of Sustainability at Betsson Group. Jonna works across all Betsson teams and locations to drive the long-term sustainability agenda forward. She also embodies the Betsson values of One Betsson, Passion, and Fair Play. 

Industry Achiever 

This award nomination celebrates the most influential women in the industry who have shown dedication and commitment and made significant contributions to the gaming industry. Corinne Valletta, General Counsel at Betsson Group, is a finalist for the Industry Achiever award. Corinne’s journey within the sector, marked by exceptional leadership, innovation, and a deep-rooted passion for regulatory excellence, truly embodies the spirit of this prestigious accolade.

Star of the Future Award 

Dalar Jivanian, Head of Product – Brand Experience at Betsson Group, is one of the talented finalists for the Star of the Future Award. Dalar’s immense potential for developing products that resonate and cater to customers’ varied needs and preferences truly embodies the spirit of the award. This nomination celebrates Dalar’s enthusiasm for integrating technology and innovation, her achievements and future potential, and her unwavering commitment to excellence in the gaming industry. 

 HR Champion Award

Helen Baker, Global HR Director at Betsson Group, stands as a nominee for the prestigious HR Champion Award. This award is given to a leading HR professional who has led their team to influence the company’s goals to ensure that diversity, inclusion, and fairness are at the heart of their HR policies. Since joining Betsson Group in 2017, Helen has been a transformative force, championing the principles of diversity, inclusion, and fairness throughout the company. Under Helen’s guidance, Betsson Group has focused even more on embracing a more inclusive and diverse workplace. Noteworthy is Helen’s significant contribution this year, as she actively participated in the International Women’s Day (IWD) conference organised by FIDEM, further amplifying her dedication to advancing these critical initiatives.

Young Leader of the Year 

Katia Abela, Software Architect, is nominated for the Young Leader of the Year Award, which recognises a female under 30, or who turns 30 in 2024, who has progressed rapidly through their career and demonstrated business value and innovation through hard work and endeavour. Katia’s trajectory at Betsson is exceptional, embodying the quintessence of talent, dedication, and relentless pursuit of excellence. She has transcended from a junior developer to a revered software architect. Katia advocates for diversity and inclusion by actively engaging with aspiring women in the tech industry, sharing her journey, and empowering them. She passionately delivers speeches at numerous colleges, igniting the flames of ambition in future generations.


Besides these twelve nominations recognising the company’s efforts to create a positive and supportive work environment, Betsson Group is also a proud supporter of the WiG Diversity & Employee Wellbeing Awards 2024, reaffirming our commitment to diversity and inclusion in the workplace.