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Are you on it?

Are you a Betssonite?

We embrace the fact that we’re all individuals. But as different as we all are, there’s something about us that’s kind of the same too. It’s an intrinsic set of qualities that you’ve either got, or you haven’t.  It’s a way of working, thinking and acting that means whilst we may have varying opinions, we’re all pulling in the same direction. So what is it? What does it mean to be a Betssonite and are you ON it?

It’s about a passion for technology and making it work for our customers. It’s about aiming higher and embracing what that means. It’s about being switched on… to challenges, change, our customers and to each other. It’s about using your voice to make an impact. It’s about taking pride in what we do and driving it to the next level. It’s about being one Betsson, working together. It’s about being the best we can be. And it means we’re only looking for the most talented people to be part of our journey. If you’re excited by that prospect, you’re ready to take the next steps.  

Our recruitment process is very important, so let us explain what you can expect when you’re invited to meet us and what we’re looking for.


Betssonite attributes

We want to make sure we’ve got every angle covered to check that we’re as right for you, as you are for us. It means you’ll meet our recruiters, but it also means you’ll meet members from your future team during the interview process.

Firstly there are the role-specific interviews. For example, developers will undergo a technical interview. Yet when it comes to the more commercial roles, we’re more likely to ask you to demonstrate how you approach your daily work to showcase your skills.

In addition, we also carry out HR interviews where we find out a bit more about you and your work-related behaviours. These follow a behavioural-based interview technique, just to make sure that we’re asking relevant questions. It’s important we understand that we’re a fit culturally, as well as checking your experience is adequate for the role you’re applying for.


The tests we carry out vary depending on the role – they could be personality tests, aptitude tests or programming tests. We want you to do well, so our recruiters will inform you in advance if you will have to do a test so that you’re prepared.

Reference check

And finally, we perform a reference check on all candidates before we make a hire. But don’t worry, we will let you know before we do this so you can prepare the referees in advance.  For certain people in the organisation who have access to customer data or strategic knowledge, we carry out an enhanced background check


At Betsson, we believe that on-boarding done right drives productivity, accelerates results and improves talent retention. It is a way to enable employees to deeply understand and align with the organisation’s culture and strategy. We aim to make sure that the process is fun, engaging and holistic.

New starters in Malta will take part in a three-day induction training which covers a variety of topics, from the company strategy to our products, where new starters also get to explore and test them.

Being a customer focused company, we also cover responsible gaming and visit our office in St. Julian’s where new starters get to sit with our award-winning customer service agents to get a feel for how we interact with customers.

We end the induction with a short tour of the Maltese island. The onboarding process continues throughout the first few months of joining with follow-up meetings with your manager and HR, and training focused on the specific role and of course familiarising yourself with the tasks and the team.

At Betsson, every team has quarterly team building events which are a great way to have fun and get to know your fellow Betssonites better.