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Infra – Cloud Engineer & People Lead

We are now looking for a Cloud Engineer who also has an interest in leading people to join our awesome Platform Group where we are building the future Cloud Platform for Betsson.

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The Wow

You will be the People Lead for members within the same team you work in as well as some other teams. Given that we are a global company and a 24/7 service is always required of us, inclusion of you in the on call rotation will be requiredMost important from someone joining our Platform Group is to be able to act as an ambassador for DevOps in our organisation.

A taster of what you will be involved with

  • Building a modern cloud based Platform as a service, you will make sure our developers have the technical tools and conditions to be efficient 
  • Help ensure we have a smooth software pipeline for continuous and fast delivery 
  • Automating everything – Workflow and tool automation – such as deployments of distributed applications and infrastructure using various technologies 
  • Able to analyse, diagnose and permanently solve issues of efficiency, performance and scale relating to both application and system performance 
  • Setting up and maintaining environments and monitoring through automation 
  • Optimising existing systems for scalability and building a large-scale global infrastructure

As a People Lead

  • Supporting others’ Career Development by enabling people to grow, identify improvement areas and set goals for professional development  
  • Servant Leadership  

What we are looking for

  • Experience with automation and configuration management tools such as Chef, Puppet, Terraform, Ansible 
  • Managing AWS Cloud infrastructure, CDNs, and other various systems running in multiple data centres and environments 
  • Defining and migrating workloads to a private or public IaaS provider 
  • Application Container Technologies and Schedulers such as Docker and Kubernetes 
  • Working with server virtualisation such as VMware, IaaS and PaaS cloud such as AWS, Azure, OpenStack 
  • Working with open-source systems monitoring and alerting toolkits such as Prometheus 
  • Scripting in Python, Bash, Powershell, Go or others 
  • SDLC, source control tools, branching and merging strategies 
  • 24×7 business and On-call support 

What we offer

Much like riding a rollercoaster, sometimes life at Betsson can be lightning fast with twists and turns but always FUN! Then again, what else would you expect from a business 75% millennial and 1700 strong, spread across 7 offices with 900 based out of our Malta HQ alone! We recognise it may not be for the faint-hearted, but if you’re a go-getter, initiator and adrenaline junkie, always striving to push the boundaries and challenge yourself, then you’ll fit right in.

We offer numerous challenges where your skills will be put to good use! We encourage innovation, independence and celebrate success where you will be part of multi-cultural and diverse company, with people from all over the world.

Challenge Accepted? 

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