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Sportsbook BackEnd Solutions Architect

Are you a natural born problem solver? Do you thrive on delivering value with every decision you take? Our Sportsbook offering is one of a kind! Developed in-house by our dedicated Sportsbook Tech Team, and growing at a very rapid rate, expanding not only in new markets but also as a Business to Business partner. Having our product available in different parts of the world and offering sports all around the world requires to have support around the clock. 

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The Wow!!

On a daily basis you will be challenged with numerous new and interesting initiatives, discussions and the occasional fire to put out.  Planning present business/technical initiatives which are aligned to the business long term goals; Designing solutions for performance, high availability, scalability and simplicity; Helping to identify past design sins and creating plans to correct them in a business friendly manner; Getting to the root of the requirement to properly address the problem; Maintaining an open channel of communication with all the moving parts of the sportsbook (Dev teams, Product teams, Trading Operations, External Providers and Partners).

Learn the true meaning of “never a dull moment” and “all hands on deck”; You will be surrounded by people who are highly motivated and passionate about what they do, and look forward to learning and sharing ideas. We are constantly pushing the limits of what our Sportsbook can do and you will be part of that journey; helping us overcome the challenges along the way and celebrate the successes

You’re good at

  • Microsoft development technologies; building large complex systems with performance, high availability, scalability and simplicity in mind;
  • Knowing how to leverage infrastructure middleware to deliver the best industry experience;
  • Designing solutions that not just meet the functional requirements but also non-functional requirements;
  • Troubleshooting issues in distributed systems, employing techniques to better aid tractability, and reducing time to resolution;
  • Bridging the communication between Business and Tech to maximise the results and deliver on the business expectation;
  • Developing for cloud
  • Container orchestration (example: Kubernetes)

What we offer

Much like riding a rollercoaster, sometimes life at Betsson can be lightning fast with twists and turns but always FUN! Then again, what else would you expect from a business 75% millennial and 1700 strong, spread across 7 offices with 900 based out of our Malta HQ alone! We recognise it may not be for the faint-hearted, but if you’re a go-getter, initiator and adrenaline junkie, always striving to push the boundaries and challenge yourself, then you’ll fit right in.

Challenge accepted? 

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