Tbilisi - Capital of Georgia

The historic capital city


We have over 300 employees working in Georgia, which is situated on the south eastern edge of Europe. Tbilisi is the historic capital city and 200 people work at our head office, home to our leading Georgian brand, Europebet. Our Head Office is located in the heart of the city. It is very easy to get there with public transport and the office is close to any amenities so you find everything you need. We do have one of the biggest and most famous gyms – Snep fitness – in the building, which gives our employees the opportunity to keep a healthy lifestyle and facilitates work life balance. Our office is designed in modern style, with among other wall paintings by local famous mural artists. Our working culture is open, friendly and to give the same opportunities to all employees.

The remaining employees are spread out over ten different locations and branches, most of which are land based betting shops and slot halls, in Tbilisi and across Georgia. At our head office, you can find Sportsbook, Games of Chance, Marketing, Finance, HR, Security, Fraud, Customer Service, Designers and Tech departments.

Jobs available in Georgia

What We Offer

What We Offer

What you will find

What you will find

The office itself is a fantastic combination of efficiency and comfort. Paintings and decorations by one of the best local artists create a uniquely relaxing, positive atmosphere where work is fun.

The Facilities

Each floor has a fully-equipped kitchen with microwaves, fridges, utensils, tea and coffee making facilities – all kept impeccably clean by our housekeepers. The company also provides a free catering service with seasonal home-made food such as fresh salads, dressings and traditional Georgian dishes. For those leading a healthy lifestyle, there’s a fitness center in the building.

On your spare time

Being located in the heart of the capital, everything you need is at your fingertips. Whether it’s a business lunch at a café, a variety of gastronomic experiences, quick shopping, or even a spree, all of it is right here on the avenue.

Why Georgia?

Architecturally-speaking Tbilisi is a fascinating mix of local, Byzantine, European/Russian (neo-classical), Middle Eastern and Art Nouveau influences. It’s a beautiful and intriguing city, which seems to have captured the best parts of its neighboring countries, where modern sits comfortably with tradition.

Our Locations

Our Locations