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In Stockholm, we have a multicultural environment with people from 20 different countries in our office, with various backgrounds and experiences. The vast majority are working within Tech; on backend development, brand sites, native apps, technical operations and support. The Stockholm office is also home to our holding company, Betsson AB.

Techsson Stockholm

Techsson Stockholm is a passionate team of around 30 developers who support each other and are genuinely interested in their job. And no wonder, they work on some fundamentally important parts of the backend platform.

The team develops the gaming platform where Betsson Group integrates with all our gaming providers, the very hub for the games we offer to our customers – both casino and sportsbook. This interface is hugely transaction intense, since we currently have over 2000 games from more than 40 different providers, and the number keeps growing.

The team also works with the CRM domain – Customer Relationship Management – which is all about how we reach our customers with interesting campaigns, news and updates in a smooth and efficient way. Included in this is the ever-important Wallet. All monetary transactions on our platforms pass through the Wallet one way or another. Needless to say, there are no room for errors.

With an open and curious approach towards improving our system, the team constantly evaluates advanced, cutting-edge technologies. Using containers and micro service architecture, the aim is to have scalable, flexible systems that can handle high load peaks.

As the rest of Betsson Group, Techsson Stockholm is powered by the people in the team and always on the lookout for talent. Want to join and contribute? Apply for an open position

Frontend Stockholm

Frontend Stockholm has a motto: “The more diverse – the better the team!” This signifies clearly that this is a group of people who work together, in the true One Betsson spirit. They are responsible for building an industry leading, scalable, multi-brand framework. The work they do is used by millions of customers, around the globe, every day. Fast, scalable sites are key to meet our customers’ expectations and keep up with the demands of the business. With an agile approach, sprint by sprint, the will to always improve and get better is apparent.

Frontend in Stockholm consists of four teams. Two of the teams works with our API. They are at the heart of things, facilitating the connection between platform and frontend. C# and .NET are the tools of their trade, which they master like no other.

The third team focuses on the responsive framework, supporting our casino brands. They recently updated their framework to the latest technology – Angular 8 to build the most compelling user interface to delight our customers. The members of this team are experts on Html, TypeScript, JSON, TeamCity, CSS, SaSS and in some aspects.NET.

We recently expanded the group with a fourth team – the Adaptive team – working on our Frontend framework built for the full-scale sites, consisting of both Casino and sportsbook. The members of this team are experts on Html, TypeScript, JSON, TeamCity, CSS, SaSS and in some aspects .NET.

The Frontend team is growing and is welcoming new members from all walks of life. The mix of nationalities and different backgrounds within Frontend, makes for a truly international feel where shared values and the right attitude are key. So, if you want to work in an open and supporting environment, with a merry bunch of dedicated people, don’t hesitate: Apply for an open position

What we Offer

What we Offer

What's in it for me?

What's in it for me?

The Facilities

Our light and open office is located in the city centre, near the Central Station. This means getting to work is easy as you’re very close to trains, buses, the metro and even planes, as the Airport Express Train is close to hand. If you cycle or jog to work, you can use our showers.

And when you get here, whether you go by plane or bike, you’ll have everything you might need for an enjoyable workday. We have well-equipped kitchens with coffee and tea-making facilities so that you can prepare both your meals and some afternoon “fika”.  You’ll also find free fruit to snack on around the office.

Perks & Benefits

In Stockholm, we enjoy 30 days vacation and ATF hours which means an additional 12-20 off duty hours/year. Extra days off are offered in connection with moving houses, bereavement and your 30th, 40th and 50th birthday. Insurance during work and business travel as well as a competitive pension scheme and a health allowance is included, and you get a Health and Fitness subsidy of 4000 SEK per year.

We like to have fun together and have big parties every quarter, and also host several weekly events in the office. We start the week with Monday Breakfast, continue with Juicy Tuesday and Thursday Fika and end it with Friday beers. Every month, we also arrange Welcome to Wednesday, where everyone’s welcome to listen to various speakers in informal conditions. On a regular basis we meet up for a culture dinner, inspired by one of our colleagues home countries, as well as After Work the luxe when we meet up around a specific theme.

In addition to that, we also regularly organise other fun events like training challenges, meetups and Lunch and Learns.



Why Stockholm?

Stockholm is one of the most beautiful capitals in Europe, built on bridge connected islands. The proximity to water and nature combined with big city excitement make it one of Europe’s busiest destinations.

What makes Stockholm so unique is the ability to experience a lot of big-city life, culture, history and nature. There is something for everyone – the city has 750 years of history for you to explore, combined with fashionable and trendy restaurants and shopping. In Stockholm, people are always ready to try something new. There are many famous attractions like the Royal Castle, the Old Town and Tivoli Gröna Lund.

Betssonites take pinball very seriously, so if you're going to play you have to be ready for some quite intense rounds. You can also have a quick game of ping-pong, foosball or play your favourite video game in our gaming room.

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